Customer Stories

Hear from businesses like yours how Happy Cabbage delivers impact.

Erba →

How ERBA used Happy Buyers to unlock $60k per store per month by reducing aging & slow-moving SKUs

From Failure to Success on Happy Marketers →

How a 4-location Retailer improved campaign delivery from 11% to 82% in 2 weeks with Happy Marketers and the Happy Cabbage Customer Success Team's support.

CannaCraft →

CannaCraft delivers over 2100 mobile-based educational sessions for their portfolio of cannabis brands through engaging content.

Wana →

Wana Brands reached over 11,000 sessions for 13 new multi-state market campaigns through branded consumer and budtender campaigns.


This legacy retailer combined BLAZE Retail and Happy Marketers to scale up their operations, recapture lost customers and generate $21k in sales just 2 months.

Lionheart →

This cannabis chain used Happy Marketers SMS campaigns to recapture lost customers and saw over $700k in ROI within a week of texts being sent.

Maine Cannabis Exchange →

The Portland, Maine dispensary uses Happy Buyers to boost confidence in buying products across teams.

The Bright Spot →

This independent retail store won the Emerald Cup Award for Best Dispensary and generated more than $40k in sales using Happy Marketers.

IHeartCannabis →

The Ventura County delivery services used Happy Marketers to scale customer retention and repeat revenue.

King's Crew →

The Long Beach retailer used targeted text marketing to learn more about their customers and refine outreach.

Diem →

From underwriting discounts to launching campaigns, Diem used Happy Marketers to move inventory and retain customers.