Case Studies

Our data-driven platforms deliver impact to businesses like yours. We breakdown each phase of process so you can see the key issues, plans implemented, and how solutions created measurable results.

Three Trees

The delivery service leveraged a 30,000-foot view of their data picture to make stronger decisions.

Urban Flavours

Following a switch in POS system and a series of marketing hurdles, the retailer made much-needed some changes.

Dreamy Delivery

The California delivery service beat the classic marketing challenges most retailers in this industry face.

Canex Delivery

While most retailers struggle with advertising tactics, Canex used targeted SMS marketing to get ahead.


The Bay Area retailer used data-driven SMS campaigns to keep customers engaged and maintain their bottom line.


A simple survey and supercharged SMS marketing strategy went a long way for the San Francisco-based retailer.


One of the oldest San Francisco dispensaries is using data-driven text campaigns to power up their marketing.