How a 4-location Retailer Went from 11% to 82% Delivery in Two Weeks

Every so often, we come across a success story that has to be shared. However, the conditions around that success may lead a retailer to shy away from being named. That said, here's one such story that shows the impact of the right tools and the right execution on a business' bottom line. This story is about how a 4-location retailer utilized Happy Marketers and Happy Cabbage's Customer Success team to turn their poor campaign performance around 180-degrees and yield incredible results in just two weeks!

The Background

Successfully sending quality text campaigns as a cannabis retailer often comes down to one major factor: not sending your entire list the same message in one day.

At the same time, running a cannabis retail store does not provide anyone enough space to stop and think through their strategy to ensure best practices are being followed. Sometimes, they just have to push the button and move on. Sometimes, leadership instructs their team to do this without realizing that this direction will tank the results and will achieve the opposite of what they are striving for.

Happy Cabbage knows how this goes down and is here to guide our customers to success, rather than drop them into our platform with a “good luck, kiddo” and scant customer service to help. We’re very effective at guiding our clients from failure to success. Sometimes, there's a comeback/redemption story so big we have to tell it.

When this happens, it’s appropriate for us to conceal their company name, as we’re not trying to blow up anyone’s spot by showing their 89% failure rate.

But we do want to tell the story so you, too, can benefit from this insight! Pardon the anonymous nature of this case study and focus on the details, they can help you make all the difference.

The Problem

Failing is really easy, and it is often done the same way by so many retailers: mass blast your list every day. Or even any given day.

This is one of the most avoidable mistakes if you know how to do better and have a platform that makes it super easy to do.

The retailer we’re discussing here has stores in 3 states. They have a massive customer list.

The marketing team wanted to utilize the segmentation in Happy Cabbage, but they were being instructed by ownership to just blast the entire list every single day.

As a result, they were seeing an 11% delivery rate to a list of 30,000 people.

The intention was to send a message to everyone. The outcomes, however, were that they were only reaching an average of 97 customers per campaign, or 3300 total in a month. Even worse, they were burning numbers as well as damaging their sender reputation in the eyes of carriers.

The Solution

This is where our customer service team shines. After talking with the marketing team at this retailer, we learned that we needed to help educate the owner on what was necessary to succeed.

Within one conversation, the owner fully understood how and why they were not succeeding and wanted to move forward with our suggestions:

1. Be more specific about messages to certain segments to ensure better delivery and less spam reports
2. Utilize the campaign splitting and messaging variant features to be efficient
3. Coordinate internally among their locations to create a marketing strategy

The marketing team got to work right away to implement these changes. The increase of delivery was felt on the first day.

The Results

From 3/14-3/27, they achieved an average of 11% delivery success. The following weeks of 3/28-4/10, they achieved an 82% delivery rate. This means that each campaign they are sending is reaching an average of 882 customers instead of only 97. It also means they aren’t literally (figuratively) setting thousands of opted-in customer phone numbers on fire and tanking their sender reputation.

The Lesson

The real goal is sales.

There’s no shame in the game here. The owner meant well. He wanted to get messages out to the most people possible to drive the most sales. Super logical.

However, not everyone knows the intricacies of how SMS marketing works and how to be most effective. We do. And we know this is the most critical component of your success on our platform. So, we invest heavily in making sure you know what we know.

We also built our tech to be so simple and easy to use that implementing our best practices does not require major effort to pull off.With an 82% delivery rate vs an 11% delivery rate, this retailer saw real ROI increase. It’s not just that more people got messages. Because more people got messages, more came in to shop, simple as that.

The two weeks prior, they earned $108,588 in sales from people that shopped within 24 hours of receiving a message.

The following two weeks, they earned $561,205 in sales from people that shopped within 24 hours of receiving a message.

That’s a 500%+ increase, just by making some easy tweaks.

This retailer just needed to be shown some SMS best practices and how Happy Marketers makes it easy to execute them for a dramatic improvement in campaign results. This is where the rubber meets the road.