Stop analyzing,
start growing.

Happy Cabbage Analytics empowers retailers to grow topline revenue by using their own data. We uncover actionable insights that span all pillars of a cannabis business: marketing, operations, inventory, and consumers.

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Happy Cabbage Analytics Image 122
About us

Who we are

Happy Cabbage Analytics is an integrated data, insights, and marketing platform designed to help cannabis retailers and brands target lost customers and generate actionable insights from their first party data.

Algorithmically sorting retailer data to understand customer behaviors, Happy Cabbage enables businesses to deliver hyper-targeted marketing campaigns while optimizing performance.

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The process behind our success

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    Whenever a transaction is made at a dispensary or retailer, that information is safely stored in the retailer’s POS system.
  • From the retailer POS system, Happy Cabbage aggregates and anonymizes data.
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    Machine learning makes the data neat and easily readable.
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    Data is segmented and analyzed to identify business opportunity across marketing, operations, inventory and consumers, and validated with suppliers against their sell-in data.
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    Business opportunities are displayed to retailers to make decisions and take action quickly.
Our approach

We analyze data in three primary ways

We analyze dispensary data to understand customer preferences and behavior, allowing businesses to deliver customized, unique marketing campaigns. We analyze this data in three primary ways.


Target unique customers based on their buying behavior, reaching them at the perfect time

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Filter your customers by geo-location and product preference making your texts more personal


Identify lost customers and earn back their business

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Filter. Send. Engage.

Filter Results

Happy Cabbage identifies key opportunities to boost revenue. Select your target demographic and rapidly launch an SMS marketing campaign, all in one interface, via the Happy Cabbage Marketing Studio.

Send Instantly

Send your targeted message with links to users matching the designated profile in minutes.

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Guide Users

Keep customers updated on the latest events, deals, and new products to stay top of mind


Integrate your favorite apps

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