Generate more dispensary revenue

One platform. One goal: create a customer experience that drives revenue. That’s why cannabis retailers nationwide use Happy Cabbage Analytics.


Where do you need to scale?

Say hello to Polaris

Machine-learning automatically segments high-ROI audiences. All you do is write the text.

  • Segmentation enhances conversion and deliverability rates
  • Robust sales & ROI attribution reporting
  • Influences customer retention & repeat purchase behaviors

Introducing: Sirius

Monitor KPIs of topline revenue across your organization.

  • Improve budtender performance & sales
  • Measure delivery ROI by zip code
  • Filter results by facility & retail channel

The only revenue growth toolkit for cannabis retailers.


increase in average ROI per text message


in generated 7-day attributed revenue


in text campaign conversion rate


increase in avg. customer recapture

“…completely changed how we handle our marketing and daily operations. We saw results immediately.”
993% increase in marketing ROI

Amanda Denz
Founder & CMO, Sava

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Connect your full stack

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Close your revenue gap with machine-learning & advanced reports

Boost ROI from text message campaigns

Target small, high-value audiences that are most likely to buy now. Happy Cabbage segments, sends campaigns, and shows attributed sales.

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Retain more customers

Mass blasts and link gating killing off your regulars? Send ungated campaigns targeted with machine learning. Your customers will love it.

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Track KPIs to revenue growth

Visualize topline metrics and leading indicators in one interface. Happy Cabbage lets you drill down and stop stressing over spreadsheets.

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Improve team performance

Dashboard views for every team: marketing, delivery, operations, and sales. Happy Cabbage helps your entire organization move forward.

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