How one cannabis retail chain used Happy Marketers to engage over a thousand shoppers a week in an effort to win back all their lost customers.

About Lionheart

Lionheart’s mission is to provide their patients and customers with natural, high-quality cannabis products at competitive prices. They strive to provide excellent customer service, and believe that by providing a foundation of quality products and friendly, knowledgeable staff, Lionheart gives strength to the beliefs that a well-run company takes care of its employees and integrates well with local communities. They have cultivations and 9 dispensaries in Montana:
  • Bozeman: 7th Avenue
  • Bozeman: Pioneer Way, Four Corners
  • Billings: Frontage Road
  • Butte: Monroe Ave
  • Great Falls: Black Eagle Road
  • Helena: Prospect Avenue
  • Kalispell: Business Center Loop
  • Livingston: Main St
  • Missoula: Brooks Street
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Happy Marketers
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The Problem

The Montana market went through a unique transition period when they recreationally legalized.

Here’s how it all went down:

The consequences of this were not fully understood until after it happened. Customers were not only able to explore, but they were now shopping for whatever store was cheaper through discounts, sales, or bottom of the barrel pricing strategies.

Suddenly, the war was on to win back as many customers as possible. Lionheart picked the best weapons to ensure victory: elevating customer service, having a diverse selection of the best products in the state, and Happy Marketers to bring those customers back in.

The Solution

David Liberman, GM of Lionheart, worked with the Happy Cabbage team to win back their customers and implement best practices: small segments, strategic messaging, tactical discounts.

Every week, David sent texts to over 1,100 customers, welcoming them back into the store and providing them with a 20% discount to come see what was new. David’s smart, and he knows customer experience.

  • 🛍️  If he can get an old customer to come back, they’ll see how the inventory is curated to include the best products Montana has to offer
  • 📸  They’ll see and use the recently installed photo booth
  • ✍️  They may write their name or draw on the interactive coloring wall
  • 😃  In other words, he’ll win them back with a superior shopping experience and service
Winning art from the Lionheart coloring contest

I have a lot of customer service experience, and that’s what matters more than everything else. When you have $200 to spend, you want to go somewhere you know, where they know your name, your preferences, and you’re comfortable.
David Liberman, GM of Lionheart

The Results

Lionheart may have one of the most successful campaigns in Happy Cabbage history. Customers of our tools see a lot of positive ROI, but no ROI number is more dependable, more important, than Recapture.

Recapturing a customer means driving a customer that hasn’t shopped with you in over 90 days back to your store within a week of receiving an SMS or email. Keep that customer, and you’ll achieve the $7,000 LTV per retained customer.

Here are the results of all of Lionheart’s campaigns over the last 6 months (so far):


Lost customers texted weekly


Customers recaptured weekly


Total customers recaptured thus far

Cumulative sales reported from all texts sent:


ROI within 24 hours of a text being sent


ROI within 1 week of a text being sents

Even more impressive, Lionheart saw their total retail sales crest $12M. For a homegrown Montana retail brand, the importance of this milestone can’t be overstated. 

Everybody attributes half of our month-over-month growth to the text marketing we do in Happy Marketers. When we launched with the tool, our customers were thrilled to hear from us again.
David Liberman, GM of Lionheart

The Lesson

If you want to see similar success to David and Lionheart, follow his playbook:

  1. Differentiate your store, especially focusing on customer experience
  2. Stake your claim anywhere but bottom of the barrel pricing, like in superior product selection
  3. Use text marketing to engage your customers as the people they are, and have fun with it
  4. Use small segments to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns