IHeartCannabis Scales Customer Retention & Engagement in 30 Days

The Ventura County delivery service used Happy Marketers to generate more repeat orders and revenue.

Who is IHeartCannabis?

IHeartCannabis is an online delivery service committed to creating outstanding customer experiences for communities in Ventura County, Southern California. IHeartCannabis offers consistent, premium quality products that meet customer needs, no matter how advanced or novice the cannabis consumer. They partner with local growers and brands to provide a product line for every budget.

The Challenge

“We sent text messages before and honestly got less deliveries and more opt outs,” explains Deanna Miller on the issues IHeartCannabis faced in letting customers know what was available on their menu. “We tried different strategies of using email marketing and having our accounts shut down because we used a word that might break the rules from different service providers.”

Without a channel to keep customers in the loop, Deanna and her team would receive countless messages on social media. “People would ask, ‘do you still have this product? I saw you posting about this. Is this still available?’” This required more time spent managing relationships and ultimately resulted in fewer orders. Only 1 in 30 first-time buyers would convert into another purchase.  

“Every time we add a new product, I can just go in there and target all of our customers who are specifically constant purchasers of a certain type of product or brand”.
Deanna Miller
Marketing Manager

The Solution

After signing onto Happy Marketers by Happy Cabbage, Deanna and IHeartCannabis began identifying customers that needed outreach and targeting them based on product and brand preferences.

Deanna used the platform’s Key Opportunities feature to automate her segmentation and outreach process, which she previously did manually. “It consolidated it down into like a 15–20-minute process. I log in, get all the data I need, formulate my text messages that I’ve already had, and I’m good to go”.

IHeartCannabis also leveraged Advanced Targeting in Happy Marketers to target customers for new product launches. “Every time we add a new product, I can just go in there and target all of our customers who are specifically constant purchasers of a certain type of product or brand”.

Key Opportunities and Advanced Targeting allowed IHeartCannabis to avoid mass-texting customers whose interests didn’t align with brand or product promotions they intended to send out. 

Happy Marketers enabled them to streamline targeting via their SMS marketing channel, cutting out hours of manual labor that would go into identifying and engaging niche customer audiences.

The Results

In addition to Happy Marketers enhancing IHeartCannabis’ marketing process, the platform also helped them create stronger relationships within their customer base. Customers responded positively to the messages they received from the retailer and began looking forward to when the next one would arrive. 

“We were all really excited to see that we were getting customers clicking on the links. People have really good things to say about getting the text messages”. Using Happy Marketers produced significant gains to IHeartCannabis' retention and revenue.


in customer retention rate

since May 2021


in attributed sales

from May - December 2021


in returning customers

in the first 30 days of usage

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