Convert more dispensary customers

Polaris uses machine-learning to recommend high-value audiences most likely to convert via text message campaigns.


Generate $50 in revenue for every $1 spent on text marketing

Key opportunities

Machine-learning recommends audiences based on product, brand preferences, demographics and predicted revenue value.

Advanced targeting

Manual audience segmentation. Select customers you want to target and then send a text campaign.

Campaign automation

Schedule and send targeted text marketing campaigns in just a few clicks.

ROI attribution

Dashboard with attributed sales and conversions tells you how much campaigns contribute to revenue.

Customer insights

Analytics on purchase behavior let you identify high-value audiences and determine corresponding promotions.

Simple design

Send a campaign that drives results on your first day of usage.


What can Polaris do for me?

CXO & Founder

Discover revenue-driving audiences and stop guessing how to influence buyer behavior.

  • Automate audience targeting with machine-learning, write the text message, and send.
  • Analyze customer purchase patterns
  • Gain clear understanding of sales and ROI from marketing every week, month, and year

Marketing Manager

Automatically target high-ROI audiences with text marketing that converts.

  • Increase open and click-through rates
  • Proven 10x increase in your conversion rates
  • Consistently exceed marketing & revenue KPIs


increase in average ROI per singe text message


in generated 7-day attributed revenue


in text campaign conversion rate


increase in avg. customer recapture

“...the best software purchase we ever made.”
$865,956 attributed revenue in 7 days

Kara Regan
Marketing, Basa

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What sets us apart

What makes Polaris different?

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Target customer easily

Tired of endlessly building and uploading lists? You won’t have to do that anymore. Our integrations keep track of your customers and opt-ins for you.

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Our tech saves you time

Ever spent days setting up a platform and it doesn’t meet your expectations? Run a campaign on your first day using Polaris and see the results you want.

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Delivery guarantee

You shouldn't pay for texts that don't land in an inbox. That’s why we don’t charge for undelivered messages.

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