CannaCraft delivers over 2100 mobile-based educational sessions with engaging content for their portfolio of cannabis brands

About CannaCraft

CannaCraft is a community-oriented cannabis company providing recreational and medical cannabis products manufactured in Sonoma County.

This company of industry trailblazers maintains an award-winning brand portfolio including Farmer and the Felon, Hi-Fi Hops, AbsoluteXtracts, and Care By Design.

CannaCraft products can be found in dispensaries across California.
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Santa Rosa, California
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As CannaCraft continued to push out new products across its portfolio of brands, the company needed to find a partner that could deliver interactive and engaging budtender training.

CannaCraft’s award-winning brand portfolio is the convergence of industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and the belief that cannabis has the power to transform lives for the better. California’s most robust brand portfolio offers hundreds of cannabis products masterfully crafted by leading cannabis researchers and scientists.

With a variety of products under a number of portfolio brands, CannaCraft recognized the need to deliver engaging budtender training that staff could interact with virtually to help increase product sales and consumer loyalty.

That’s when CannaCraft partnered with Happy Budtenders to design a friction- less training strategy that aligned with their goals.

The Problem

CannaCraft needed a scalable budtender training solution for its portfolio of brands and products

In 2021, CannaCraft was relying heavily on sales representatives to deliver product training for 150+ SKUs in- person. These training sessions required content generation, on-site product demos, physical incentives (ie: t-shirts, water bottles), and paper surveys.

This time consuming process was demanding for CannaCraft’s marketing team and put unnecessary stress on their sales team. The training content across brands was disconnected, and there was no easy way to collect feedback from sales associates to know if the material was being retained.

In their search for a way to standardize their budtender training, CannaCraft discovered that Happy Budtenders could reform their strategy and deliver modern, mobile education across their portfolio of brands.

The Solution

Happy Cabbage worked with CannaCraft to create intuitive, engaging, and mobile-friendly educational materials

The brand design team at Happy Budtenders worked with CannaCraft to establish differentiators across their various cannabis products that would not only be relevant to budtenders, but would ensure a consistent, cohesive voice.

Each brand course was created to deliver engaging content on a mobile device, so budtenders could interact with videos, facts, and surveys at their convenience. This content delivery method has saved innumerable resources for CannaCraft and the response from budtenders has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Happy Budtenders platform streamlines the delivery of education by offering “playlist” functionality so that dispensaries only display training for the products they carry, eliminating confusion for employees. Additionally, the courses are frequently updated based on feedback gathered in the platform to ensure the content is relevant and engaging.

The Results

With Happy Budtenders, CannaCraft was able to launch interactive educational programs for more than 150 SKUs, logging hundreds of hours in training for budtenders across 450+ retail locations throughout California. The brand logged more than 2,100 mobile-based education sessions, where staff were able to learn about brands in an intuitive way, imparting confidence, expertise, and the ability to field questions with ease, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and improve the overall customer experience.


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How Happy Budtenders Elevates Experiences

Happy Budtenders is an intuitive and user-friendly cannabis education platform, dedicated to building brand awareness through retail training and consumer outreach.

With proven ways to meet the speed of your evolution and make you stand out among the competition, Happy Budtenders is the most effective way to onboard new staff, upskill established budtenders, bring new brands and products into the fold, and ensure that customers’ questions are answered without delay.

As a recipient of a Clio Cannabis Award, we help set the bar for creative work in the field, build greater understanding of the burgeoning industry, and elevate creative contributions for the space.