Three Trees Refines Team Organization & Delivery Operations with Sirius

The delivery service leveraged a 30,000-foot view of their data picture to make stronger decisions.
Three Trees
Livermore, CA
Three Trees is a Bay Area licensed premium cannabis company and rapid delivery service. Three Trees offers a curated connoisseur-grade menu selection of the best cannabis products in the adult-use market.

With a team of experience high-end cannabis cultivators in Northern California, each product is discerningly vetted and hand-selected. Three Trees’ mission is to provide an enlightened cannabis experience with superior quality, unparalleled customer service, and under 30 minute rapid delivery times.

A Fast-Growing Business with Evolving Needs

Three Trees is a high growth organization. Founded by a team experienced in the cannabis industry, Three Trees is a new concept in the Bay Area that takes pride on providing superior delivery service with rapid times and quality products.

To maintain a superior customer experience, they searched for a software provider with adaptability and responsiveness, something that proved to be a challenge for such a high-performing company in a critical growth stage.

Three Trees needed a platform that was reliable, dynamic, and focused on actionable deliverables.

“From my experience, super responsive communication in the software cannabis industry is hard to find. We needed high reliability and support in this critical  growth… and it’s been a breath of fresh air to work with Happy Cabbage.”
Sasha Gustin
Chief Financial Officer
Sasha Gustin

When they met Happy Cabbage, Three Trees defined the need for strong metrics and decisive action to run their delivery service as smoothly as possible.

To bring order to the chaos, they started using Sirius to gain full visibility and control over their operation.

Getting a 30,000 Foot View

Running a successful delivery service is an orchestration of multiple moving parts.

From sales team performance, brand performance, customer preference to delivery expansion and local marketing initiatives, Three Trees needed a tool that made it easy to visualize targets for growth.

With a new business, Sasha and his team also wanted to take special care to prevent losing any customers by promoting their customer base. They looked to the data and Sirius’ geographic footprint to gain a grasp on brand and market performance.

The SKUs filtering and ciphering revealed which brands held more power in how they supported Three Trees as a brand when it came to product discounts and promotions.

The more Three Trees built an understanding around their brand performance, the more they were able to highlight products in innovative ways, building value intrinsically.

“Sirius has helped us on so many different levels. Zoning is huge in measuring ROI. How much do we pay for our territory employment? Insurance? Brands? Weedmaps? Advertising? Billboards? How does that factor into customer acquisition costs? With the data I have now we’re finally able to find these answers. Understanding how each zone performs with Sirius and underlining targets for improvement has been crucial from a granular level.”
Sasha Gustin
Chief Financial Officer

Running Teams & Meetings

With Sirius’ dynamic lens into team performance, market opportunity, and brand sales, Three Trees used the tool to inform their teams of latest key performance metrics.

With the general manager dashboard, management was able to get a quick understanding of where employees and brands were performing well, using data to drive important conversations with the team.

With an updated UI and cleaner filtering and dropdown features, team members were empowered to get a glimpse into unique value-building opportunities, without the confusing visuals some analytics platforms can provide.

Members of the team performing back office roles started using the tool to share performance with owners and coordinators in the office on a daily segment, becoming a part of everyday operations.

Empower Your Entire Team

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The Results

After4 months in business, Three Trees is already seeing their business boom. Their rapid delivery promise and superior customer service has put them on the map in the Bay Area, with plans to expand to San Diego and the larger part of Southern California. With Sirius, Three Trees has been able to:

Advance growth with an adaptable operations tool

Sirius scaled reliably to a variety of use cases and positions within Three Trees' organization.

Gain simplified visuals of complex data sets

Sirius empowers Three Trees to make key business decisions across products, customers, markets, teams, and operations

Inform many stakeholders with daily performance

Teams, owners, and coordinators gain clarity via meetings, keeping the organization empowered to make changes on a granular level to avoid pitfalls.