Train smarter. Not harder.

Happy Cabbage & Seed Talent provide a data-driven training platform for budtenders. Identify and instantly enroll staff that need training, then measure sales performance after the program.


A data-driven training platform

Staff statistics

An overview of every budtenders’ sales performance for the past 30 days. See order volume, ticket size, sales, and more.

Target training

View which budtenders perform below normal compared to the average. See ticket size and suggestions for training.

Instant enroll

Sign up budtenders directly into Seed Talent’s training program.

Post-program tracking

See budtender’s average ticket size before and after program enrollment. Measure how training affected performance.


Switch between staff and training views per location in one simple interface.

Our partner

A world-class training program

Train your budtenders with the program used by top multi-state retailers.

The process

How it works


Integrate your POS with Happy Cabbage. This is how you'll see which budtenders need training.


Quickly discover which budtenders sell below average for your store without the need to dig endlessly through your POS data.


Sign up team members that need training directly into Seed Talent. The program connects to Happy Cabbage to measure post-training performance.


Your budtenders took the program. Now’s the time to see its impact. Quickly view sales performance change in Happy Cabbage.



Start with what you need and scale from there.


$150 per month per location

  • 1 POS integation
  • Training interface
  • Training program
  • Customer support


Subject to Agreement

  • More than 10 stores?
  • Interested in a custom offer?
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