Know your customer in less than 30 seconds.

Clair is an enablement platform for budtender and delivery teams. Enhance customer interactions with individual profiles and product recommendations powered by machine-learning.

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What can Clair do for me?


Field delivery questions over the phone with ease. Clair helps you keep customers interested in your store.

  • Suggests products using Clair's predictive analysis of available stock and customer interests.
  • Use Clair's in-depth profile display to connect with customer quicker and on a personal level.


Use Clair to enrich your customers' in-store experiences and finally crush your sales goal.

  • Recommend products in real-time using Clair's analysis of available stock and customer interests.
  • Cross-sell products based on individual buyer profiles.
  • Create a strong connection to customers by offering them in-store birthday deals.

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Made for buyer-facing teams

Customer profile

Never go blind into a customer interaction. Clair's customer profile shows order frequency, average order value, product, brand preferences, and more.

Product suggestions

Need help recommending a product to a customer? Unlock unique suggestions per customer based on their historical data and what similar people purchase. Clair's got your back! 

Inventory sync

Clair syncs with your POS inventory data, so every product recommendation is based on what's in stock at your store.

Powerful intel for your budtenders

If you ever need a helping hand on the front-lines, Clair is your go-to solution.

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How Clair works

Enter their number

Input the customer's phone number into Clair to retrieve their profile.

Unlock their profile

Clair pops up the customer profile, which shows you their individual characteristics along with recommendations.

View suggestions

Scroll down to Clair's section for recommended products, which are based on what's available at your store.

Delight your customer

 Talk about a strain your customer might like. You're about to create an absolutely awesome experience with Clair.