Use Cases for Happy Cabbage

Here's a handful of ways you can use Happy Cabbage to drive sales, save cash, and reduce manual work across your entire cannabis dispensary operation.


Identify budtenders for training

Save 6 hours a month deciding who needs training with total sales, orders, and ticket size for each budtender.

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Automate zip code analysis

Speed up delivery expansion with sales and customer volume by zip code that show which areas drive you revenue.

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Evaluate products

Save 3 hours analyzing brands or products with one-click analysis that shows sales trends, customer loyalty, and more. Then take deeper action faster.

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Coordinate promotions

Move inventory faster with data that helps you identify SKUs that are suitable for discounts and campaigns.

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Streamline discounts

Take back up to 20% of your profit margin on your weekly deals with suggested corrections based on consumer behavior.

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Automate re-stock evaluation

Save 5 hours a week purchasing with re-stock suggestions based on sales trends and purchase behaviors.

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Automate segmentation

Save 4 hours a week segmenting with pre-built audiences designed to convert more repeat orders.

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Improve text conversion rate

Send ungated text campaigns that convert 10x more customers than traditional gated messages.

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Personalize recommendations

Help budtenders drive more sales and increase order size by 15% with 1:1 product suggestions for every customer.

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