What is Cannabis Retail Optimization?

Not another fancy buzzword. It's what helps you run a profitable cannabis dispensary, survive 2023, and thrive with profits for many years beyond.

It isn't easy to grow your dispensary anymore.

Taxes are high, you're losing out on profits to new competition and operational constraints. There's a laundry list of problems your business faces every single day.

You've added everything you can and growth still isn't happening.

We call this: checking the boxes. When you focus too much on making sure your business is operational versus profitable.

That's where Happy Cabbage comes in.

Happy Cabbage saves your dispensary team hours of manual work with suggested actions that drive better outcomes on your largest expenses.

We make it easy to run a profitable cannabis business.


Reduce manual data analysis and make reporting more accessible for teams.


Stock products that are sellable based on consumer demand and cut over-discounts.


Improve conversion rates and ROI from text marketing campaigns.


Boost average ticket sizes with personalized product suggestions.