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Onfleet is a San Francisco-based technology company that helps businesses streamline their delivery operations. Onfleet’s software powers millions of deliveries per month for businesses around the world.

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About Onfleet 

Onfleet’s platform includes a web-based dispatch dashboard, intuitive drive apps on iOS and Android, real-time tracking and notifications for customers, and a robust API. Onfleet helps businesses route and dispatch efficiently, collect proof of delivery, including contactless signatures, access comprehensive last-mile delivery analytics, and provide a branded, delightful customer experience.

Key Onfleet features

Dispatch & Management Dashboard

Consolidate routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard. Gain holistic overview of tasks, teams, and drivers in real time.

  • ✔️Effortlessly manage on-demand deliveries with Onfleet’s powerful auto-assign engine.
  • ✔️Onfleet’s integrated route optimization engine produces the most efficient routing.
  • ✔️Collect customer satisfaction ratings, monitor key metrics, and export raw task data.
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Native iOS & Android Driver App

Drivers receive task data in real time and have the ability to use preferred navigation, capture proof of delivery, and much more.

  • ✔️ Enforce completion requirements through in-app collection of photos, signatures, etc.
  • ✔️ Facilitates an anonymized chat channel between dispatchers/drivers and driver/recipients.
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Customer Experience

Take the customer experience further with automatic status updates, real-time driver tracking, and predictive ETAs.

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