The latest updates on Happy Cabbage!

Product Update: Save & Predict, Cart Abandonment, Budtender Training, & more

Sharing our latest product update to the Happy Cabbage platform.

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Happy Cabbage releases Loyalty Points Targeting, Happy Marketers Update

Happy Cabbage Analytics announces loyalty points targeting in Happy Marketers. The new feature in our dispensary marketing software lets retailers segment and reach out to customers based on acquired points.

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Happy Cabbage Expands Offering, Launching with Surfside, Advertising DSP

Happy Cabbage Analytics launches a new integration with Surfside for cannabis audience targeting and digital advertising. Find out more on the integration here.

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Optimizing & Updating Your SMS Marketing Campaigns in 2021

Cloud communications platforms recently started restricting access to its platform for cannabis businesses sending SMS campaign content that violates federal laws. Read here to learn about the implications for dispensary text marketing and how data can help retailers maintain compliance.

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