Happy Cabbage releases Loyalty Points Targeting, Happy Marketers Update

Happy Cabbage Analytics is stoked to share the latest update to Happy Marketers, our dispensary retention marketing software, Loyalty Points Targeting.

Happy Marketers users can now pull Loyalty Points from their POS into Happy Marketers. This add-on allows users to target customers based on the number of loyalty points they carry.

Users can refine targeting using Key Opportunities’ machine-learning suggested campaigns or while building a custom audience via Advanced Targeting filters.

Loyalty Points Targeting in Happy Marketers

The feature allows retailers to create segments of customers based on acquired loyalty points and combine the variable with demographic and key behavioral data such as order frequency, product, brand preferences, and more.

Using Loyalty Points Targeting in Happy Marketers, retailers can send text message campaigns to these points-based segments, enhancing retention marketing for loyalty program subscribers.

Loyalty points targeting is now available in Happy Marketers for immediate use to Blaze and Treez users, and is supported for Webjoint and Leaflogix. If you're signed up for Happy Marketers, please contact us today to enable the feature.

Otherwise, feel free to book a demo or join a walkthrough to learn more.