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How to Stop Over-Discounting at Your Dispensary With These 3 Marketing Strategies

Over-discounting is a race to the bottom for cannabis dispensaries struggling to find customers. Use these marketing strategies instead to drive more sales.

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How to Measure Cannabis Brand Loyalty at Your Dispensary

Need a way to find out what brands your customers like to buy? Here's a quick metric and guide to change your workflow.

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The Complete Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan Guide – with Templates!

There's a lot to keep in mind when starting your own marijuana dispensary business. Here's what you need to know for making your business plan.

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Budtender Training 101: The Must-Know Secrets for Training Your Staff

While you may have your performance indicators to go by, a universal sign of success in any retail business is increased revenue. We take a closer look at the causal factors behind performance and secrets you can use in your next dispensary training.

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Keeping Up with Your Best Buds

Understanding how your budtenders perform can really elevate the revenue and reputation of your dispensary.

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