The 5 Reports Dispensary Managers Need to Drive Revenue  

Last week, we discussed the importance of constructing a cohesive marketing tech stack as a cannabis dispensary or delivery service, and using the right tools to give you data insights to better understand your customers. But how about better understanding your teams? Data also paints a picture of team performance and opportunity, and can make the difference between dreading team meetings and seeing them as opportunities to take meaningful action.

So how can you leverage your POS data to better run your teams and optimize operations?


These are the five reports cannabis retail/ delivery managers need to look at to get the full picture of their business’ health, and make better decisions for their business, their teams, and their customers. 


General Management

As a dispensary general manager, you are responsible to three key elements of your business-  customers, dispensary owners, and the teams you enlist to carry out the dispensary’s mission successfully. As the decision-maker for multiple moving parts, managers need a high level understanding of all parts of the business, with the acumen to deep dive and quickly correct pitfalls that come along. Having a simplified toolkit for business health is crucial in aligning goals and meeting them, satisfying owners, teams, and customers alike. 


By streamlining point-of-sale data infrastructure, general managers can isolate improvements to sales and fulfillment processes.

The Operations dashboard in Happy Operators.

What to look for:


Delivery Optimization

With delivery becoming a necessity to keep up with an increasing need for accessibility, evolving convenience trends, and pandemic buying behaviors, retailers considering making the shift should know where to start. Delivery services looking to give themselves competitive advantage and a best-in-class customer experience will need to incorporate a wider variety of data to guide operations and service across their region.


A platform that provides metrics specific to delivery-service optimization, creating visibility into customer acquisition and fulfillment processes that are typically only available for physical storefronts.

The Heatmap in Happy Operators.

What to look for:

Sales Performance

Remaining profitable means understanding what encourages your customers to make a purchase, and keeping them happy to boost customer loyalty, generating value for your business. With reporting that gives insights into customer purchases and loyalty, your sales officers can gain a complete and consolidated data picture of key revenue drivers and potential opportunities.


Create access to data for your team to make improvements to your retail process.

The Sales Performance dashboard in Happy Operators.

What to look for:

Brand Performance

Using the right tools when stocking your cannabis products is important. Stock at the right time and in the right quantities to maximize your profits, and take the guesswork out of seeing what products sell and at what price and frequency.


Analytics platforms need to provide a complete picture of opportunities for buyers, including nuanced information on customer preferences, potential order combinations, inventory management.


What to look for:

Marketing Campaigns

Provide marketing teams with additional first-party demographic metrics about customers, informing sales alignment and strategic development of promotions for local marketing and more targeted campaigns like SMS.

Happy Operators integrates with Polaris Marketing Studio.

What to look for:

Offering Support

A good manager is not only known for their team’s outward performance, but also for the support they provide their team, like best practices, training, hiring, and motivation

Once managers have a clear idea of how can use data to sustain their business, they can also use this reporting to sustain a work environment founded on dignity and respect for all employees, by upholding best practices like:

  1. Making employees feel their jobs are important
  2. Cultivating your employees’ full potential
  3. Enabling the well-being of individuals through compensation, perks, and other rewards
  4. Developing leaders who excel at their responsibilities and helping their team

Happy Operators is a product built with general managers in mind, featuring a general manager dashboard that can help managers facilitate team meetings, share reports daily with team members, incentivize and celebrate team contributions, guide performance reviews, and more.

To see more examples of how Happy Operators helps managers, schedule a demo with us!