October 12, 2021

Dispensary Marketing Software: Must-Buys in 2022

A solid dispensary marketing strategy always depends on a tech stack that indicates your results and measurable ROI.

Equipping your business with the right marketing software is crucial for keeping up with the competition, delivering unique customer experiences, and keeping your dream consumers engaged.

In this blog, we’re diving into some of our favorite marketing tech solutions for enhancing your strategy and generating sales right away.

Point-of-Sale: Customer Targeting & Segmentation Systems

Some of the most relevant customer data is on products and brands they consistently purchase. Segmenting these interests is a crucial step in personalizing dispensary marketing.

For example, you'll likely find groups of customers that typically prefer vapes or edibles instead of flower. Maybe they prefer an in-house brand as opposed to another on the shelf.

The point-of-sale (POS) system is what stores all the data on your customers. Dispensary POS systems provide detailed overviews of brand and product sales to customers, therefore offering a basis for creating segments based on trends found in the data.

What that means is you'll want to choose a point-of-sale system that provides access to this data and offers API integrations to other critical marketing technology that can leverage it during customer outreach.

Dispensary Point-of-Sale Systems

Name: Blaze

What it’s all about: Premiere cannabis POS software designed and used by industry experts. Blaze is user-tested, industry adored, and growing more every day. The platform includes integrations with various dispensary software solutions, a customer check-in app, and mobile and desktop support.


What it’s all about: Flowhub offers a full suite of retail solutions, including Cashier, a point-of-sale system with a built-in customer loyalty program. They also provide analytics technology that allows retailers to view dashboards on customer data or build custom ones for more in-depth reporting.

Name: Treez

What it’s all about: SellTreez by Treez is a robust point-of-sale system that enables retailers to increase order flow, manage inventory, establish and improve team workflows, and mobilize omnichannel sales strategies. The Customer Management module applies customizable workflows to each stage in the buyers' journey so that retail teams can improve shopping experiences.

Digital Menus: Reaching Online Cannabis Customers

Cannabis delivery services are on the up, with numerous companies looking to bring convenience to the weed industry.

And with a digital presence, your menu is one of the essential customer-facing materials you have at your disposal for your dispensary.

With a digital menu, not only are you able to update your products and prices on the fly, but you can utilize a sleek design that keeps your brand identity and captivates your consumers' eyes.

Digital Dispensary Menu Platforms

Name: iHeartJane

What it’s all about: Over 2,500 dispensaries and brands use iHeartJane to create website menus, review essential customer data, and manage their business online. With Jane, you can create your personalized profile to use for custom online orders for just a $1 fee on orders. They also boast an in-app delivery system to integrate into your dispensary!

Name: Webjoint

What it’s all about: The Delivery Software Suite combines online menus with inventory management, driver dispatch, and yes, even taxes automation! Webjoint integrates with METRC, which means dispensaries using the platform can better adhere to reporting and compliance practices required by regulators.  

Software for Cannabis Customer Outreach

Alright, so far, we've covered a few software solutions at the foundation of every dispensary marketing tech stack. However, there's one area you're probably still wondering about: customer outreach.

Communicating with customers is a critical component of every dispensary marketing strategy, not because it's necessarily difficult to do, but that it requires a laser-sharp approach and the related technology to enact.

Customers respond best to communications that are well-written and align with products they're interested in purchasing. Therefore, choosing technology that enables precise targeting and communications.

Take a look below at these two marketing solutions for enhancing your communication with customers.  

Name: Surfside

What it’s all about: The platform aggregates first-party consumer data into detailed customer profiles and that dispensaries can leverage for advanced audience targeting and lookalike audience-building. Additionally, Surfside offers omnichannel technology, including measuring audiences by proximity, location, critical demographic data, and specific store activities.

Dispensary Text Marketing Solutions

Over sixty percent of smartphone users unlock their phones immediately after waking up, and nearly 80% in the first 15 minutes of their day.

Using a data-driven strategy for texting campaigns, you can increase conversion rates, and therefore, generate more revenue for your dispensary.

How does data help with this?  It allows you to target customers who are the most likely to convert. The more personalized your message is, the higher conversion rates will be!

Fortunately, you can achieve this with Happy Marketers.

Name: Happy Marketers

What it’s all about: Happy Marketers leverages AI to help you strategically target consumers with custom brand and product promos for a 2x-5x higher conversion rate than generic marketing campaigns. Create customer profiles automatically through your POS, segment customers based on their preferences and order frequency, and directly measure campaigns sent.

For more information on ways to unlock the power of POS in your marketing, reach out to us at Happy Cabbage, or schedule a demo.