New ideas and data-driven insights on how to do effective cannabis marketing.

How to Use Segmentation to Boost Loyalty at Your Dispensary

Customer segmentation is a great way to boost your customer loyalty with custom content. Here are some key strategies to segment customers at your dispensary.

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Vanity vs Revenue Metrics in Dispensary Marketing

Learn the difference between vanity vs revenue metrics. And discover the metrics you should track to achieve your revenue and dispensary business goals.

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Why Last-Touch Attribution is Key for Small Dispensaries

Have a limited budget but don’t know what marketing channel should you use? Learn how last-touch attribution can help your cannabis dispensary drive revenue

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How to Build Your Dispensary Brand & Acquire New Cannabis Consumers

Creating an awesome brand for your dispensary isn't for the faint of heart. Make a good one? New customers will come flocking to you. Read our guide to learn how to build yours today.

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What is a Dispensary Loyalty Program: Rewards, Points, & More

What is a dispensary loyalty program? What should you do to improve program performance? In this article we explore the answers to these questions and more.

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How to Build & Manage SMS Marketing Opt-Ins at Your Dispensary

Does your dispensary need help with opt-in management? We got you covered! Learn how you can build and maintain your customer list for SMS marketing.

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