New ideas and data-driven insights on how to do effective cannabis marketing.

What You’re Really Paying for with Dispensary SMS Marketing Software

Most retailers in the cannabis industry are just looking for a text marketing tool that does what it is supposed to do. After years of failed promises and big headlines, there’s a ton of skepticism about what differentiates one SMS/MMS marketing platform from another.

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Proven Cannabis Promotions To Drive Revenue On Green Wednesday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

‍Run these Cannabis Promotions for Green Wednesday, Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Make Bank on the Highest Sales Days of the Season

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5 Ways to Optimize Marketing Spend Outside of Weedmaps

You may find yourself at this time and place wanting to know where to move your Weedmaps spend. Luckily, Happy Cabbage has your back.‍ Here are the 5 best ways to appropriate that budget into more ROI-driven marketing strategies.

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Happy Cabbage + ChatGPT, What Could Go Wrong?

Use our GPT integration today to ensure you get those sends out even when you don’t have the bandwidth to think of what to say. If you are not talking to your customers regularly, your competitors are.

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Make Even More Money With Email on Happy Marketers - Feature Release

You can now send emails with Happy Cabbage using the same, high powered segmentation available with Happy Marketers, our SMS marketing platform.

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How to Improve Dispensary Text Message Conversion Rates

Get insights on how to improve your dispensary text message conversion rate. Plus tips, factors, and benchmark data will help you craft SMS for 2023.

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