New ideas and data-driven insights on how to do effective cannabis marketing.

Dispensary Marketing Software Guide: Turning Your Tech Stack into a Sales Machine

A great dispensary marketing strategy depends on the technology it uses. Take a look at our latest software guide for a selection of tools oriented towards generating more marketing-led sales.

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6 Questions on Cannabis Customer Loyalty & The Answers You Must Know

In this blog post, we answer six critical questions from retailers on cannabis consumer loyalty so that you can better understand how to create a loyal following for your business.

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Cannabis Dispensaries Respond: 3 Ways to Use Text Marketing in 2021

Cannabis dispensaries are using data-driven marketing strategies to increase the efficacy of their text campaigns. Happy Cabbage surveyed a few retailers to find out how it's all going down.

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The Top 6 Tools for Dispensary Local Marketing: A Quick Guide

Local marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful cannabis dispensary. But what tools are out there that can help you with this? Here's 6 you must consider.

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Dispensary Marketing After 420: 4 Tactics To Consider

A dispensary marketing plan is always prepared for 420. What about after the holiday? Read our latest blog for long-term revenue opportunities and tactics post-420.

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Dispensary Text Marketing: 3 High-Impact SMS Campaigns & Why They Work

What are the best cannabis sms campaigns to run at the dispensary? Read our latest blog to find our what dispensary text marketing strategies are bringing in results!

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