New ideas and data-driven insights on how to do effective cannabis marketing.

Marketing Dispensary 420 Events

Here are our Picks for the most successful 420 holiday promotions. With a Saturday holiday, retailers are preparing for a day full of action, as opposed to a few hours after 5pm on a weekday.

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Dispensary Mobile Apps: Benefits and Bullshit in Retail Cannabis 

Dispensary apps can be a headache but they don't have to be. We want to help you come up with a plan for getting your app off the ground and bring up what you should evaluate to make sure that app provides value to your business and your customers.

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Top Cannabis Promotions for 4/20

It’s no secret that 4/20 is the big one when it comes to cannabis holidays. However, few people want to find themselves in a dispensary day-of. That’s why we suggest getting an early start so you (and the crowds) have plenty of time to prep for a day of chill af sessions.

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Dispensary SMS Link-Gating: No-Good, Bad, and Worse for Retailers

Those other companies choose to link-gate the messages you send to your customers. Often, if you’re on those other platforms, you don’t know transparently what your true delivery rate is, which is your delivery PLUS your clickthrough rate (CTR).

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Successful Valentine's Day Cannabis Retail Campaigns

When consumers are holiday shopping, you want to align your dispensary marketing to meet them where they’re at.‍The good news is that Valentine’s Day cannabis shopping is popular. The other good news is that novelty items you don’t normally move can be in high demand on this holiday.

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Cannabis Marketing Best Practices: Opt-In List Building

Before you start blasting inboxes with cannabis text and email campaigns, slow your roll. You need to get permission before you make that decision.

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