Time to Refresh Your Cannabis Delivery: New Data, Tactics & Software in 2022

It’s about that time of year where you’re evaluating your cannabis delivery business, what’s working, and what needs improvement.

You know delivery can be a profitable model or vertical for your cannabis business— customers spend up to 2x more— but what do you if you need to generate more revenue?

What if you want to try a new marketing idea? Considering new software? We got you covered. Keep reading for our guide on how to update your plan for the rest of 2022.

Statistic: Average Delivery Times

Before we get into strategy, let’s look some current trends amongst cannabis delivery businesses.

First, delivery times.

Our database on cannabis businesses suggests a possible relationship orders per hour and time to deliver. The average driver tends to complete 2.5 orders per hour (13 orders in a 10-hour shift).

This figure spreads between 1.5 and 3.6 orders per hour. Longer times represent couriers that do fewer orders per hour.

Data from Happy Cabbage Analytics and Treez also shows no relationship between regional geography and delivery times.

This means that it is still possible to achieve faster times even if you’re operate in a rural or suburban area. More on that in the strategy section!  

How To Use Delivery Time Data

There are a few ways to leverage delivery times to improve your business operations.

Foremost, you can compare driver times and understand employee performance. This is a great way to reward excellent service to your employees.

You can also discover outliers, drive times that greatly exceed the average. If you notice consistent outliers, you can then revise your routes or speak with staff responsible for that area to find a solution and maintain customer satisfaction.

Measuring driver times is also helpful for cannabis customer service, so you can communicate how long people should expect to wait before their delivery. Maybe you can start listing average times across your channels; or simply over phone with customers that call.

Knowing your times allows you to proactively handle any potential complaints may arise during marijuana delivery before they happen.

Statistic: Which Brands Cannabis Delivery Customer Buy

Happy Cabbage & Treez also released data on brands bought most by cannabis delivery customers. The data showed that cannabis customers on the West Coast generally bought the following brands:

Read more about cannabis delivery brand data here.

How To Use Brand & Customer Behavior Data

You can use cannabis brand data to improve your delivery in a few ways. First, sales and order data on brands tells you what customers buy from you. If certain brands or products don’t resonate with your buyers, then it could be time to contact your rep and talk about underwriting or find a new product altogether.

You can also begin to pilot a cannabis delivery ice cream truck model with commonly bought brands.

Strategy: Geotarget Your Cannabis Delivery Customers

Every region is different when it comes to sales and orders. Customers in one neighborhood might by a certain selection of brands, while others nearby buy totally different products.

Thankfully, you have zip code data to leverage in your delivery operations and marketing tactics.

Zip code data comes in handy for a few reasons. You can see which delivery zones provide you the most revenue. You can also create cluster segments of customers in zip codes that are close to each other and deploy flash promotions.

All these examples rely on zip code data, along with sales and past transactions. Using these together helps you improve your marketing and quality of service. So, how would this work with cannabis brands?

Strategy: Ice Cream Truck Flash Promotions  

Start by uncovering a selection of brands commonly bought by customers in a certain zip code or driver region.

If you notice any trends, it might be worthwhile experimenting with a branded flash promotion to those consumers.

Think of a campaign targeting only customers in the selected area with a buy now discount for the brand they normally purchase.

If you send a driver out in advance with the product— following the ice cream truck approach— you can incentivize the offer with a discount and extra fast delivery.

Best of all is that you’d only be targeting consumers that have purchased that brand or product before, which increases the likelihood someone would bite.  

Look at the videos below to see how you’d do this with Sirius.

Watch: Analyzing & Targeting Delivery Zip Codes in Sirius  

Check out this video below to learn how to leverage your zip code data.

What you’ll learn:

Watch: Geotargeting SMS Campaigns for Delivery Customers in Happy Marketers

Check out this video below to learn how to leverage your zip code data.

What you’ll learn:

What We Recommend: Cannabis Delivery Software

You want to make sure you have the best tech for your marijuana delivery service. We work with hundreds of cannabis delivery operators, partners, and made a list of tools that would work best for you.

When deciding on who to recommend, we wanted to make sure we picked software that helps you monitor key cannabis delivery operations, marketing effectively to customers, collect transactions and integrate with other great delivery software vendors.

Here’s what you should consider:

Happy Operators

Heatmaps in Sirius help delivery operators understand where their customers are.

Happy Operators is a business insights platform that helps you improve critical processes for marijuana delivery such as delivery, zip code sales performance, and customer service.

How it helps your delivery operations:


Onfleet helps delivery operators calculate the most efficient last-mile routes.

Onfleet is a delivery software that specializes in driver dispatch and fulfillment optimization. Automated dispatch functions and searchable, real-time inventory and fulfillment metrics allow retailers to analyze data and improve the delivery process.

How it helps your delivery operations:


Treez helps delivery operators track order fulfillment via their point-of-sale.

Treez is one of the leading point-of-sale solutions for the cannabis retail industry. Their platform allows you to take delivery orders and connect to an open API system to build a solid delivery tech stack.

How it helps your delivery operations:

Learn more about how Treez does dynamic cannabis delivery here.


Tymber provides dynamic online menus for cannabis delivery operators.

Tymber is a digital e-commerce menu solution for cannabis retailers. Tymber builds out your menu onto your website and offers a dynamic display that shows products available based on a customer’s location.

How it helps your delivery operations:

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