May 6, 2021
Polaris Re-Cap: Dispensary Text Marketing During & After 420

Want to know how dispensary text marketing works on Polaris? With the industry well past the hype of 420, our team at Happy Cabbage dove into the data to determine how dispensary text campaigns performed during the holiday and the weeks that followed.

Optimized Text Marketing

Cannabis text marketing is undergoing a new era, with communications platform regulations and market changes driving a need for dispensaries to deliver high-impact text campaigns in 2021.

These recent events complement a few data-backed nuances in SMS marketing campaigns, while feature a 98% open rate, perform best when used in a targeted capacity.

In a recent article, we discussed the value of leveraging marketing tools that help acquire and retain customers after 420.

Take a look at the data below on 420 campaigns and how dispensaries are using Polaris to achieve those goals.

420 SMS Campaigns Overview

Happy Cabbage evaluated data from dispensary marketing campaigns targeted via Polaris.

The data dives into the usage of MMS, SMS, and general results achieved by cannabis retailers using the platform. 

MMS vs. SMS: Which Text Type Performed Best?

23% of dispensaries used MMS messaging on 420, as opposed to 77%, which only stuck to SMS.  

That meant that nearly a quarter of Polaris clients chose to include some form of media in their 420 text promotions.

Using MMS in dispensary text marketing costs more than sending a standard SMS campaign because including media uses more texts.

However, 420 is a competitive holiday for cannabis retailers, which lends to why Polaris users could’ve chosen to use MMS in their marketing efforts to entice customers into purchasing.

Here’s how MMS & SMS performed.

Text Marketing ROI

Ensuring marketing investment results in revenue is always essential for dispensaries on April 20th. Polaris calculates ROI by testing whether a targeted customer purchases within 24 hours. Take a look at the results retailers produced using the platform for targeted text marketing.  

Customers Acquired via Polaris Text Campaigns

Customer acquisition is a critical component of dispensary 420 marketing. Retailers using Polaris gained customers from using targeted text messaging both on and after the holiday. 

The data shows cumulative customer acquisition rates into the seven days following April 20th.  

Recaptured Customer Sales Around 420

One approach to 420 marketing that dispensaries often miss is recapturing lost customers, those that hadn’t ordered for 30 days or more. 

Lost customers are a consistently valuable demographic for cannabis retailers. The data below shows Polaris users’ results in recapturing these types of buyers.  

The Big Takeaway: Targeted Campaigns Create Cumulative Revenue Growth 

Dispensary owners cumulatively generated revenue on 420 and into a week after the holiday. The data demonstrate the potential of using machine-learning technology to deliver personalized marketing communications. 

Dispensaries identified niche customer segments to deploy campaigns, resulting in sustained acquisition, sales, and ROI. It’s an effective way for businesses to get in touch with customers personally, resulting in increased revenue and higher customer retention. 

These results show that data-supported marketing analytics services like Polaris enhance outreach efforts by identifying high-value customers and marketable preferences.

It’s Time for Targeted Text Marketing 

The cannabis industry is growing and evolving quickly. As it does, the role of marketing will evolve with it. Polaris has been there every step of the way. 

We've helped our clients stay ahead of these changes by providing targeted SMS campaigns that deliver revenue-generating impact. 

If you’re a dispensary looking to get ahead of your competition, schedule a demo today!


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