Matt Dell

29 Social Media Ideas That Won’t Get Your Cannabis Dispensary Banned

Are you tired of seeing your dispensary social media posts flagged and your account taken down? We are, too, so we made something to help.

It’s easy to get caught up with figuring out creative ways to post about your dispensary on Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok.

But did you know there's a surefire way to build your store's online brand with cannabis consumers? Here are 29 ideas for you to try out today.

What Makes Good Cannabis Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing can be complex in cannabis because it’s hard to post about your products.

Since cannabis is still considered a Schedule I drug according to federal legislature, platforms like Instagram and Facebook will actively block content related to your products.

If your strategy only concerns what deals you have at your dispensary, then yes, it will be tricky to post!

However, social media marketing isn’t just about your products. It’s about your brand and what you represent to consumers.

Product-related posts represent only a fraction of the buying journey. They target people ready to buy now when at least 90% of your market is not ready to buy.

You need to capture those consumers too.

You want to create a presence on social media that cannabis consumers can relate to – otherwise known as building brand affinity.

When you start figuring out what content in your area customers wants to see, it becomes easier to make content related to your dispensary.

You can broaden your message to appeal to certain lifestyles, local interests, and passions. That will earn your dispensary more engagement, followers, and customers rather than just posting products.

Great social media marketing is about the mix of content you create rather than how effectively you can sell to cannabis consumers.

What Should Your Cannabis Social Media KPIs Be?

There are two different types of social media KPIs you should track. Let’s break them down here.


Engagement KPIs are about one thing: are you creating content that excites and inspires consumers on the market, regardless of where they're in the buying journey?

Remember, the goal here is to turn your dispensary's social channels into a brand that customers will remember and want to engage.

There are plenty of vanity metrics you can use here, but here are three you can track today.

– how many users follow your account

Impressions – how many people see your posts

Likes & Comments
– how many people engage with your content; you can track these together or independently.

Track your engagement KPIs on a month-over-month basis.


Conversion KPIs are for users that become more interested in your dispensary and hand over contact information or place an order with you. There are two you can track.

Opt-In – users that sign up for SMS or e-mail communications; tracked via referral traffic and conversion goals in Google Analytics.

Orders – users that place an order online; tracked the same way as opt-in conversions.

Track your conversion KPIs on a month-over-month basis.

What Should You Do with Opt-Ins?

You’re probably asking why we included opt-ins as a conversion KPI?

That’s because opt-ins represent people that want to know more about your dispensary.

You've earned their trust and now can market to them in a more targeted capacity via SMS or e-mail marketing. For example, SMS marketing offers way more free range to send deals to contacts than Instagram.

Suppose you use social media to collect contact information and build brand affinity with your audience. In that case, you can market cannabis-specific offers more effectively via opt-in marketing channels.

The List of Dispensary Social Media Marketing Tactics

Here's a list of social media marketing ideas that (probably) won't get your dispensary banned.

1. Creating or hiring a DJ to make a monthly Spotify playlist and hosting it on Tik Tok

2. An interview series with customers about their favorite strain on Instagram or Tik Tok

3. A viral marketing giveaway that comes with a gift card for your dispensary on Instagram

4. Weekly posts featuring local artists on Instagram

5. A photo re-cap from local events your dispensary sponsors on Instagram

6. A video re-cap from events your dispensary sponsors on Tik Tok

7. Carousel infographics on different cannabis facts to educate consumers on Instagram

8. Carousel infographics on local activist efforts your dispensary supports on Instagram

9. A health-and-wellness video series on Instagram

10. A local guide to attractions around your dispensary’s area on Instagram

11. A photo re-cap from your in-store dispensary event on Instagram

12. A video re-cap of your dispensary event on Tik Tok

13. Sharing cultural events or artwork on Instagram or Twitter  

14. Creating a persona for your dispensary on Twitter

15. Featuring artists or performers in your store on Instagram Live

16. A series on mindfulness that your store creates for Tik Tok or Instagram

17. Spotlight posts on local cultivator brands carried in your store on Instagram

18. Funny posts about being stoned that your dispensary shares on Tik Tok

19. A guide for tourists to reference while visiting your city on Instagram

20. A spotlight on brand packaging shared via Instagram and Facebook

21. A lifestyle interview series shared on Instagram or Tik Tok

22. Holiday-themed montage posts on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook

23. Partnering with influencers for a post or giveaway at your dispensary  

24. A video series on the best food paired with cannabis Tik Tok

25. Sharing the top 10 favorite tracks of your dispensary staff on Instagram or Tik Tok

26. Creating a newsfeed for your dispensary on local cultural updates on Twitter

27. Sharing posts of happy customers at your dispensary on Instagram or Facebook

28. A video and post series on new dispensary merchandise made by a designer

29. Weekly health or mindfulness tips shared by your dispensary on Twitter