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How Did Cannabis Retailers Perform on Green Wednesday, Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

With the week of Thanksgiving behind us, we wanted to take a look at how it all went down, share some interesting insights and a collection of the top most successful campaigns sent through text and email.

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How Much Do You Lose in Sales When Out-of-Stock of Popular Cannabis Products?

In this piece, we decided to dig in further and identify just how much revenue is left on the table when a product is out of stock. What’s the difference between the sales of a given product that is frequently out of stock and that same product always in stock?‍

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Stop Lighting Money on Fire: The Truth About Discounts and Profit

Stop giving away profits for no increase in sales by fine-tuning your discounts to maximize sell-through and optimize on profit margin.

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Save Cash by Stocking Exactly to Demand

Stocking inventory to meet demand can feel like a moving target. This article will help you avoid overshooting the mark and locking up your cash as a result.

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The Impact of Budtender Rewards Part 2 - Brand Sales Domination

In this analysis, we identified five retailers at random that had popular brands running campaigns, many of them with the same brands in common. And, well, not to spoil it, but the brands that ran these campaigns saw an average increase in sales of 78% during the period in which rewards were being redeemed by budtenders vs the prior period in which there were no active campaigns.

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The Impact of Budtender Rewards and Training at Retail

In this blog, we’re going to investigate the impact of incentivizing budtenders on retail sales. To do that, our Head of Data Science, Bobby Fatemi, dove into sales of four major brands over two periods of time: one where there was significant engagement between budtenders and brand-motivated training and incentive programs; and one where there was none. 

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