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What to Consider Before Switching Dispensary CRMs

Thinking about investing in a new dispensary CRM this year? Consider these 4 things before signing your next software contract!

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Dispensaries: Pay Attention to These Key Metrics in 2022

Ready to grow your dispensary further in 2022? Start with numbers. Read our latest post for the metrics you need to track.

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The Challenges of Cannabis Marketing: A Dispensary Survey

Happy Cabbage surveyed a few dispensary owners and managers to learn more about the challenges they face when promoting their businesses. Keep reading for a selection of survey highlights and a few suggestions on how to improve your dispensary marketing strategy.

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Customer Segmentation: 4 Ways to Target Dispensary Marketing

Customer segmentation is essential to successful dispensary marketing. Read here to find out how to create high-value segments with data.

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What's Popular: Best-Selling Cannabis Dispensary Products 2021

Flower and concentrates were the best-selling products on dispensary shelves, grossing respective totals of $11,378,361.72 and $5,625,333.25 from December 31st to February 16th. Edibles were the fourth-most ordered and third best-selling product. Our findings suggest a potential upward trend in the edible market, potentially indicating more efficient production and supply management forms. Further trend research must be conducted on vapes and concentrates on measuring the impact of both coronavirus supply chain slowdowns and the vape crisis.

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Key Metrics Every Dispensary Owner Should Know

When it comes to running a successful dispensary, or any business for that matter, knowing a few key metrics provides you with the ability to make the best decisions for your business based on data you compile during the regular course of business. 

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