Gianna Gard

Marketing, Branding, and Design

Gianna joined the HCA partners to direct all branding and design efforts. She brings along her extensive knowledge and experience in design, marketing, and investor relations as the partner HCA needs to form our brand identity and customer engagement model.

Blog Posts

The 5 Reports Dispensary Managers Need to Drive Revenue  

These are the five reports cannabis retail/ delivery managers need to look at to get the full picture of their business’ health, and make better decisions for their business, their teams, and their customers. 

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Dispensary Marketing Software: Must-Buys in 2022

A great dispensary marketing strategy depends on the technology it uses. Take a look at our latest software guide for a selection of tools oriented towards generating more marketing-led sales.

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What's a Dispensary Loyalty Program: Rewards, Points, & More

What is a Dispensary Loyalty Program and Why do They Work? In this article we explore the answers to these questions plus more.

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Acquire New Clients or Fly Blind with Weedmaps 

Make the most out of your subscription by finding and targeting newly acquired customers with Polaris.

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Keeping Up with Your Best Buds

Understanding how your budtenders perform can really elevate the revenue and reputation of your dispensary.

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