Gianna Gard

Marketing, Branding, and Design

Gianna joined the HCA partners to direct all branding and design efforts. She brings along her extensive knowledge and experience in design, marketing, and investor relations as the partner HCA needs to form our brand identity and customer engagement model.

Blog Posts

Key Metrics Every Dispensary Owner Should Know

When it comes to running a successful dispensary, or any business for that matter, knowing a few key metrics provides you with the ability to make the best decisions for your business based on data you compile during the regular course of business. 

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What is a Dispensary Loyalty Program?

What is a Dispensary Loyalty Program and Why do They Work? In this article we explore the answers to these questions plus more.

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Revenue in the Palm of Your Hand

Over sixty percent of smartphone users unlock their phones immediately after waking up, and nearly 80% in the first 15 minutes of their day.

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Acquire New Clients or Fly Blind with Weedmaps 

Make the most out of your subscription by finding and targeting newly acquired customers with Polaris.

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The Proof is in the SMS Pudding

How SMS campaigns are one of the most important marketing investments you can make.

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Keeping Up with Your Best Buds

Understanding how your budtenders perform can really elevate the revenue and reputation of your dispensary.

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COVID-Proof Your Dispensary Communications

Consumption makes up 70% of America’s gross domestic product, but as businesses close and as households hold off on major purchases in anticipation of lost or reduced income, this number has greatly reduced. The terrain is even more complicated for cannabis, as states are evolving their stance on whether cannabis is labeled essential.

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The Importance of the Regular Customer

With the understanding of how important this unique customer segment is to cannabis delivery services comes the need to adopt strategies for nurturing and engaging these folks

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Keep It Human

Without the consultants that provide invaluable information on cannabis products and their usage, how can we ensure that consumers remain informed and confident in their purchases?

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How Confinement is Shaping Consumer Behaviors

How quarantine has fueled interest in edibles and shaped other consumer behaviors

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When Consumers Order Cannabis & Why It Matters

When do consumers order cannabis and does it really matter?

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