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Top Cannabis Promotions for Christmas and New Year’s

Get the Most Out of Christmas and New Year’s With These Proven Cannabis Promotions

We already know customers are out and about, shopping naturally for gifts, and eventually, for items to bring to an end of year party. Make sure you align your promotions strategy with events that customers are already spending money around.

What events are we talking about?

Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Years. The holiday season, as it is, celebrated across nearly every culture. Because the consumer behavior is the US is much more aligned with Christmas by volume, we tend to only include it in our content, but know that we see every culture of shopper making purchases in the last month of the year.

At Happy Cabbage, our focus is always on maximizing sell-through for cannabis retailers and brands. We’ve put together some tips for you based on the most successful cannabis holiday promotions launched by retailers using Happy Marketers.

What marketing promotions work best for The Holiday Season?

First things first, let’s talk about what people are naturally doing during these holidays and map your promotions to those things at the right time.

Shopping for gifts:

This isn’t something that happens on Christmas, it happens in the weeks prior. If you want to promote specials around Christmas, NOW IS THE TIME. Don’t wait until the week of Christmas. According to the data, sales during the week of Christmas dipped by around 5% in 2022. 

Unlike Green Wednesday or Black Friday, Christmas isn’t a great sales day at all; unless you’re one of the few retailers open during this day … more on that later.

Shopping for drinks:

New Year’s is a drinking holiday. Many attend house parties with friends or meet them out at a bar. Cigars are also part and parcel of traditional NYE celebrations. Consider this before you launch a NYE concentrates sale.

Just like Thanksgiving, the holiday season means people are coming home from out of town and will stock up on weed to help them cope with Uncle Jimmy’s casual bigotry. Focus your efforts in the following strategies for success:

  1. Recapturing customers - those people coming back into town aren’t your regulars, but they are looking to shop. Use SMS and email to most effectively recapture them and bring them in-store
  2. Focus on non-inhalable products like edibles, beverages, and topicals to promote - these shoppers aren’t trying to puff a blunt around their family, but adding some cannabis drops into their La Croix is the move

Let’s get into the specific successful promotions:


Christmas / Winter

General promotions around this month that are also successful:

What to offer customers to bring them in

We know the categories that are likely to be most popular during this time. Lightly discount drinks and edibles. It seems topicals are quite popular during this time as customers bring their elderly family members gifts to aid in their aches and pains. Topicals are one of the best way to introduce the power of cannabis medicine to our older loved ones that may have been anti-pot until recently.

That being the case, there’s no need to discount this category. People wanting topicals are going to buy them regardless.

What you can consider is bundling products. Make a Christmas Basket offer with a couple bevs, a preroll or two, and some topicals. Mix it up, make a couple bundles, just capture more in the cart by pairing popular products with holiday-oriented use cases.

Make sure and share this with your network in the cannabis community and add your thoughts! We'd love to see what else you've seen create success.

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