Brad Bogus

Top Cannabis Promotions for 4th of July and 710

Make More Money by Focusing on Holidays Consumers Already Care About

If you follow our content, chances are you know how much we promote aligning major sales days with already existing consumer holidays. Almost no other consumer holiday proves this point better than the 4th of July, which always comes the week before 710.

The 4th of July took the 2nd place position back in 2022 for best sales just behind 420. While we couldn’t find updated sales data for 2023 by the time of publication, the point is clear: traditional holidays drive sales.

This year, prioritize your marketing efforts around July 4th. You stand to make the most revenue by doing so. You’ll also want to be clever and crafty to punch above the noise.

Here are some ideas on how you can capitalize on the holidays by learning from the most successful campaigns we see in Happy Marketers on these dates.


July 4th

Types of Promotions:

Ideas for On-Premises Festivities:

Other things to consider for the holiday:


Types of Promotions:

Other things to consider for the holiday:

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