Sean Balogh

Top Cannabis Promotions for 4/20

Get the most out of the 4/20 holiday with these proven cannabis promotions and prep list.

It’s no secret that 4/20 is the big one when it comes to cannabis holidays. However, few people want to find themselves in a dispensary day-of. That’s why we suggest getting an early start so you (and the crowds) have plenty of time to prep for a day of chill af sessions.

Here are our tips for planning and preparing for the occasion, along with the most successful promotions we’ve seen launched around the 4/20 holiday.

Your To-Do Checklist for 4/20

First and foremost, get an early start! Failing to plan is planning to fail, this goes for businesses as well as customers.

  1. Plan ahead

Let people know your 4/20 specials are ready for customers to capitalize on as soon as they are ready. After all, they don’t want to get caught twisting in the wind if their favorite products are sold out on the holiday itself. 

Remind them to pick up their gear before the holiday for a stress-free experience with early offers, scheduled deliveries, and pick-up orders, where available.

On the business-side of things, get your dispensary in order ahead of time. This includes:

  1. Advertise early and extend the holiday

You’re already planning out your store’s 4/20, and cannabis consumers who celebrate will begin making their plans (and likely some purchases) before the day-of, too. Set up your SMS, email, and mobile campaigns well before the event. If you’ve got the design chops or have the resources to contract out some help, make your menu and outreach unique to the holiday to catch some eyes and whet some appetites along the way.

Who says 4/20 is a one-day-only event? The calendar?! It’s a fascist, forget what it says.

Go BIG and celebrate the occasion with your customers all month - the data shows that consumers aren’t treating 4/20 as a one-day-only holiday, with purchases higher than average in the weeks before and week after the day itself. 

  1. Cast a wide net 

Ask your regulars to bring a friend, invite those customers who haven’t shopped with you in a few months, cover your neighborhood with flyers if you can. 4/20 is more of an event than a sales day, and it attracts everyone from the canna-curious to the marijuna-maestros.

You may even consider capturing the attention of out-of-towners to stop in from afar with adverts for bulk discounts on big purchases to increase your reach and your revenue.

Big bonus points to retailers that partner with local businesses nearby for some smart comarketing, like we just saw with Stok’d Cannabis Co. in Ontario.

  1. Bring authenticity to the celebration 

Remember that 4/20 is about celebrating the culture as much as the feeling we get when we imbibe.

Make this occasion an opportunity to connect with your community around a shared interest. Show your community why you’re celebrating 4/20 and connect with them through the meaning of the holiday (yes, we’re sharing our love and sentiment for a plant and that’s ok!)

4/20 Promotions to Run With

These are just a few of the promotions we’ve seen making an impact on revenue for dispensaries around the country on Happy Marketers. Peruse the collection and see if anything resonates with you or would be especially fitting for your store over the holiday period.

Looking for more ideas and tools to support your dispensary marketing, not just on holidays, but every day of the year? Schedule a demo today and we'll show you what's possible using purpose-built tools made with you in mind.