Brad Bogus

Successful Valentine's Day Cannabis Retail Campaigns

When consumers are holiday shopping, you want to align your dispensary marketing to meet them where they’re at.

The good news is that Valentine’s Day cannabis shopping is popular. The other good news is that novelty items you don’t normally move can be in high demand on this holiday.

Infused bath bombs anybody?! 🫠

As we’ve done with previous consumer holidays, we wanted to give you insight into the campaigns we’ve seen earn the most Valentines and generate the highest ROI below.

If you’ve been following us in the last few months, you’ve likely heard us preach about how cannabis retailers need to think more about major shopping holidays as better opportunities for sales throughout the year than cannabis-specific holidays (yes, we know 420 is still the biggest sales day).

For Valentine’s Day, consumers are looking for gifts for their dates and partners, but also for niceties like candies, relaxing bath items, and little indulgences they don’t enjoy daily (or some they do, like wine, HELLO!).

Bundle Up

We always say this, but that’s because there’s such sound logic to it: create bundles!

With consumers shopping for irregular items like bath bombs, confectionary truffles, rose blunts, massage oil, not to mention cannabis lube, there are many creative ways you can ensure the average basket value is higher than just selling one of those items.

Create 1-3 options for V-Day customers to bundle up and save, while driving your sales higher. Beware over discounting any one of these single items! Consumers already want them and you might cannibalize your profit margins.

Want to earn even extra credit … ahem, dollars? Put these bundles in really nice little baskets or gift boxes so they can be directly given to the customer’s Valentine of choice.

Bonus gift idea:

If pre-made bundles feel too prescriptive, create a mix & match menu of 10 selected items that the customer can pick three of and pay a flat rate as part of the bundle. It’s a little more “choice-oriented” even if the items available are curated by you at the store. Wrap up their choices in nice gift boxes and send them on their way!

Successful V-Day Cannabis Retail Campaigns

Ok, here are the top campaign ideas our clients used to drive the most sales on Valentine’s Day 2023:

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