The Impact of Budtender Rewards Part 2 - Brand Sales Domination

In our first Impact of Budtender Rewards piece, we identified 4 popular brands that offered brand training and budtender rewards at one retail location, and found that these high engagement brands achieved a significant increase in sales growth (+67%) during their campaigns, relative to periods with no campaigns.

But that was just one retailer. We wanted to explore whether our previous findings hold up at other retail locations. Was that impact just a fluke of one retailer, or can it be achieved elsewhere?

In this analysis, we identified five retailers at random that had popular brands running campaigns, many of them with the same brands in common. And, well, not to spoil it, but the brands that ran these campaigns saw an average increase in sales of 78% during the period in which rewards were being redeemed by budtenders vs the prior period in which there were no active campaigns.

78% more sales!

That’s even more than what we saw at the retailer we analyzed in our first piece, and this follow-up work conclusively reaffirms how impactful engagement between brands and budtenders can be. Additionally, we find evidence that suggests more engagement leads to even better results. 

The Details

The brands that truly embraced the Happy Budtenders training platform saw far more growth:

The Takeaway

In short, if you’re engaged as a brand and have a retail partner that is invested in the process, we see clear evidence that you can achieve the maximum sales impact.

These numbers are very compelling and tell a clear story that more than validates the conclusion we made previously; namely, that there is a direct, measurable, and significant ROI to brands engaging in budtender training and rewards.

Again, we want to call notice to the brands that did not. These brands engaging in rewards did not just achieve new sales, they took sales away from other brands. Eat or get eaten.

You can see some of the more significant data we charted in the figures below.

Figure 1 - Brands that engaged in rewards and training at one retailer saw their average sales go from $2,236 to $7,496 over five months

Figure 2 - Brands at another retailer saw an average lift from $2,072 to $5,067