August 19, 2021

Introducing Happy Operators: Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Operations Platform by Happy Cabbage

Happy Cabbage is sharing the launch of our latest application for cannabis dispensaries and delivery businesses.

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Why Happy Operators?

The Product Dashboard in Happy Operators

The keys to growing your cannabis business aren’t always easy to find. However, they are in your data. Take action from what’s hidden within your point-of-sale system. You won’t need a data scientist.  

Happy Operators does the job for you.

Happy Operators helps dispensaries and delivery services manage their business, providing instantly accessible diagnostics for growth in the following areas: sales performance, marketing, customer engagement, general management, and operations.

Happy Operators is the business insights interface designed by data scientists with years of experience in the health technology sector alongside cannabis retail experts, made for ease of use by your entire staff.

Keep reading below for how your team can take advantage of Happy Operators today.

The Interface for Your Entire Team  

Happy Operators combines data from relevant delivery and retail processes into a straightforward and seamless interface.

From general managers to marketing associates, the platform provides stakeholders with access to valuable metrics for improving your business.

Delivery Optimization

Delivery services can now refine their market strategy with Happy Operators, incorporating a wider variety of data to guide operations and service across their region.

Happy Operators provides metrics specific to delivery-service optimization, creating visibility into customer acquisition and fulfillment processes that are typically only available for physical storefronts.

The Heatmap in Happy Operators.

Understand how people interact with the delivery menu and what products make them convert.

Figure out which drivers perform best and how to deliver optimal service across locations.  

Determine the average delivery time across zip codes and start defining ideal regional markets.

Sales Performance

Using Happy Operators, your sales officers can gain a complete and consolidated data picture of key revenue drivers and potential opportunities.

The platform creates access to data— both at a high level and with laser-focused precision— to make improvements to your retail process.

The Sales Performance dashboard in Happy Operators.

Understand what products, people, or methods drive sales and forecast potential warnings before they hinder outcomes.

Identify high-ticket areas via the map, which regions are the most lucrative to the organization.

Evaluate employee success and discover high-performance sales representatives and those that may need support in the front-of-house.

General Management

Happy Operators streamlines point-of-sale data infrastructure for general managers to isolate improvements to sales and fulfillment processes.

The Operations dashboard in Happy Operators.

Immediate access to metrics typically unavailable via front-of-house software allows managers to save time on deciding how to provide better service. Access performance indicators for key components of the retail and delivery process.

Find out where to improve and what to keep doing. Consolidated intel streamlines decision times. Spend less time digging for the right answers.

Inventory Strategy

Take the guesswork out of buying products and strategizing your shelf space. Happy Operators is here to help.

The platform provides a complete picture of opportunities for buyers, including nuanced information on customer preferences, potential order combinations, inventory management.

Identify which products are driving sales and use the data to determine or anticipate the next buys. Understand customer preferences and determine potential buys that address combos or commonly bought promotions.

Determine which brands customers are most loyal to streamline or accommodate shelf space.

Marketing Campaigns

Happy Operators provides marketing teams with additional first-party demographic metrics about their customers, informing sales alignment and strategic development of promotions for local marketing.

Identify the products people enjoy and start developing relevant communications. Market to targeted local regions where fulfillment teams can ensure better delivery and customer experience.

Determine customer preferences to align communications around popular brands and products.

Your Control Center Awaits: Sign-on Happy Operators Today

Happy Operators is the way for dispensaries and delivery services to harness the power of data science in a way that is accessible and actionable for all employees.  

For more information on Happy Operators and how the platform serves your team, contact our team today for a demo.

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