Make Even More Money With Email on Happy Marketers - Feature Release

You can now send emails with Happy Cabbage using the same, high powered segmentation available with Happy Marketers, our SMS marketing platform.

We know that you want to be top of mind to your customers. They have a lot of places they can shop, and the retailer who gets that last, powerful message to them wins.

We also know that you have the email addresses for customers that you simply can’t text.

Each customer you retain is worth over $7k, according to our recent research by our team. Miss those customers no longer. Get in front of your current customers in more ways than just text.

Since releasing, this feature is already averaging $850 in 7 day ROI per email campaign for our clients.

The details:

We built the simplest and easiest thing for you to use with the least amount of effort so you can just do what you need as quickly as possible and still be effective. There's literal money sitting on the table just ready to grab with Happy Marketers.

Happy Cabbage users are already sending emails and seeing results. Here are some of the ways they’re messaging their customers:

Now’s the time to give Happy Cabbage a spin. Start texting and emailing your customers reliably and watch those sales numbers take off!

Click here to see a demo. See you soon!