Happy Cabbage + ChatGPT, What Could Go Wrong?

Well, not much to be honest! In Happy Marketers, you can now auto-generate text messages based on a few keywords with our GPT integration. Messages are trained off of campaigns that have performed the best, composed in your brand voice. 

This keeps dollars coming through your doors and saves a ton of time. 


We deploy data science as the core of everything we do, to maximize sell-through and make you more money. We've determined that sending to smaller segments of customers is the best path to success. 

This tool allows you to build tight segments and craft individual messages even with limited time and resources.

This integration was built to make it easy to follow the best practices of unique messages delivered to small audiences. We leverage machine learning and AI to predict which messages will get through to customers and convert, and provide a unique tool to help you quickly generate multiple versions of the same campaign leveraging GPT.

Example of how you can enter keywords, phrases or prompts into the text box and get an auto-generated response in your brand voice

Remember to get texts sent even on busy days! The last person to reach your customer is the one that wins. 

Use our GPT integration today to ensure you get those sends out even when you don’t have the bandwidth to think of what to say. If you are not talking to your customers regularly, your competitors are.

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