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Buyers 2.0 Restock Report: AI-powered Intelligent Restocking

For all you inventory buyers and purchasing managers, our latest innovation: Happy Buyers’ AI-driven Restock Report, the first product released in the Happy Cabbage Suite 2.0, will categorically simplify your approach to dispensary inventory purchasing and procurement. 

What It Is

We know you're knee-deep in inventory management, trying to figure out what to restock, how much to order, and when to do it using a multitude of spreadsheets and pivot tables to wrap your head (and your arms) around managing inventory as efficiently as possible. 

The Restock Report condenses the inventory data you rely on into a single intuitive interface.

That’s right, now you can handle all your restocking and purchasing analysis from one place. No need to jump between screens or combine stacks of spreadsheets to get your answers. This includes the ability to drill down into one or multiple locations, by brand, category, and even down to the SKU level to determine what needs a re-up and what gets left on the curb.

Best of all, you can handle this entire operation in seconds.

When you’re ready, export your order to a CSV and send it to your supplier for fulfillment.

Why You Need It

On average, 68% of dispensaries have over a month of inventory in stock.

What’s more concerning is the fact that the average dispensary is carrying 1.7X of its monthly sales in inventory–or 51 days of inventory.

That's a lot of green tied up in goods that might never see the light of day. 

With the real-time insights provided by our Restock Report, you'll know exactly what's a reliable product, what's gathering cobwebs, and what your customers can’t get enough of.

This Restock Report is like having a crystal ball for your dispensary inventory. It analyzes sales data, predicts demand, and tells you both exactly what to reorder and in what quantities. 

No more guesswork, no more excess stock collecting dust and tying up your cash on shelves—it's all about maximizing revenue and minimizing deadweight inventory.

For Customers Running 1.0 

Now, if you're already part of the Cabbage Patch rocking the 1.0 suite the Restock Report is free with your subscription, granted we currently support your POS. You’ve just got to set up an onboarding session with our customer success team and we’ll get you up and running.

If we don’t support your POS yet, don’t sweat it. We’re bringing more POS providers online in stages.

Ready to get started? Schedule your Restock Report onboarding session with the Happy Cabbage customer success team today: Contact Us

Supported POS platforms

On this initial release, we are supporting our first pair of major POS integrations, Dutchie and Meadow. Blaze and Treez are next in the queue to be supported with an expected rollout in the first half of ‘24.

See our Restock Report in Action

If you want to see the Restock Report in action, you can check out our COO, Danny Gold, running through a quick demo below.

If you'd rather go through the process, step-by-step, to experience how fast the Restock Report is, try our Tourial demo to see just how easy we can make your day-to-day when it comes to dispensary inventory purchasing.

Get Started with Happy Buyers

Want to get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary dispensary ordering tool?

If you’re not a current customer and want to see what a game changer this tool can be for your dispensary, reach out to our Sales Team to schedule a demo today.