ROI Study: Competitors

Comparing us to another dispensary text marketing provider? See our results and decide from there.

When comparing marketing tech you're...

We know it really comes down to one thing. Will this make me money? Most say they will and make it hard to know whether that's true.

Well, here's the truth about us. That's what we do best. We ran a month-long test with a key industry competitor at a mid-size dispensary. Let's pull back the veil and prove the power of Happy Marketers.

Don't just take our word for it  

targeted marketing tools have boosted our conversion rates and increased our quarterly revenue. Their detailed and customizable reports are incredibly helpful.
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Devon Wheeler

Read more customer stories


increase in average ROI per singe text message


in generated 7-day attributed revenue

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in text campaign conversion rate

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increase in avg. customer recapture

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