Dispensary Inventory Audit

Inventory is one of your largest expenses. Find out how much cash is held up in slow-moving products, how to change discounts, and more. All for free.

Custom Audit

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  • Receive a custom report with your store's data
  • Includes which products to re-stock, discounts to adjust, how to increase profit margin per product and more
  • ✅ Completely free! No strings attached.

Benchmark Audit

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  • See how your store compares against benchmarks
  • Includes benchmarks against cash held on shelf, over-stocked brands and over-discounted products
  • Recommendations that you can take action on today
  • Option to dive deeper with a custom report

Gain insight into where your cash is held up

Inventory is a hefty investment and chances are you have cash held up. Find out where cash is tied up and how long it will take for you to get those products off your shelf

Understand which products are sellable

Tired of guessing what works and what doesn't for your customers? Skip the guesswork and learn what's in-demand at your store at no cost to you.

Make smarter decisions before your next order

No more copy-pasting numbers into massive spreadsheets that don't give you the whole picture. We will analyze your products and tell you exactly what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the audit? Get them answered here before you sign up for it.

Why are you doing this? 

We discovered many areas for cannabis retailers to improve how they manage purchasing and pricing. Last year alone, California operators gave away almost $700m in cannabis for free. We also found 20% of total cash is held up in products that won't clear in 30 days. The data shows our industry needs help and this is our way of doing that.

Will this work with my POS?

This inventory audit currently works with the following POS systems: Treez, BLAZE, Meadow, Greenbits, Flowhub, Leaflogix, Webjoint, and Proteus420. We do not support IndicaOnline and Sweed.

How does the audit work? 

Our team will reach out once you submit an order form. You will provide our team with API access to your POS system which lets us create a proprietary report for you with your own data. You will also receive a free solutions consultation with our Dawnstar tool to give you more actionable takeaways that what's on the report.

Will you sell our data? 

We never have and never will sell any of client's data. Yours is safe with us.

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