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Advanced reporting for retailers and delivery services. We're offering a plug-and-play version of Sirius to select POS clientele.

Streamline every key metric you need into one platform.

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Visualize KPI's & overall sales goals

Drill down and refine revenue-driving activities. ‍

Every topline metric on Sirius is connected to a full dashboard of key performance indicators. So you can know the story behind sales performance and turn it into success.


Map your delivery business

Start plotting your expansion as soon as you sign up.

Sirius heat maps show the number of customers and repeat buyers across your region, and where you send most deliveries. Detail your market share and help you decide your next move.


Analyze buyer demographics

Who are your customers? What do they like to buy?

Find out in less than a minute. Drill down into customer order count, ticket size, sex, and regional heatmap. Put a face to your bottom line and know who to go after.


Improve & incentivize teams

Drive the productivity your organization needs.

Sirius breaks down budtender and driver performance so that you understand your teams how teams perform. See which ones promote brands and products or delivery times across regions.


See which products drive revenue

Stock up your shelves with what customers truly love.

Sirius analyzes how your customers engage products, so you can invest more in what they will most likely buy. Use the data to strategize co-marketing and pricing too.

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Refine topline sales performance

Retailers nationwide use Sirius to keep on track with their sales goals. What do you do to hit your goals? Learn how to:

  • Compare buyer behavior to your bottom line
  • Identify new regional markets to go after
  • Set and monitor sales goals

Decide where to invest in teams based on data

How do you make smart improvements in team productivity? Learn where and who to invest your time in across your organization.  

  • Compare delivery times to regional market share
  • Discover which budtenders need product training
  • Track success to topline metrics


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Billed $588.00 annually.

  • Sales, Operations, Customer metrics
  • Product, Management, Campaigns
  • Advance data filtering & analysis
  • Light-touch integration*


Billed month-to-month.

  • Sales, Operations, Customer metrics
  • Product, Management, Campaigns
  • Advance data filtering & analysis
  • Light-touch integration*

*Light integration available to BLAZE, Treez, WebJoint users only.
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