February 28, 2022
Happy Cabbage Analytics Releases Clair, Insights for Budtenders

Happy Cabbage Analytics is releasing Clair, an enablement platform for budtender and delivery sales teams.

"Clair is like a sales assistant that helps you provide a better customer experience," explains Andrew Watson, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

"Essentially, it tells you everything you’d need to know about a customer that comes into your store or calls and offers suggestions based on their unique profile."

Clair is Happy Cabbage Analytics’ latest customer insights platform. 

Clair helps retail sales teams provide a stellar customer experience in making more accurate product recommendations. "We know deliveries often receive phone calls from customers about their menus and whether certain products are in stock,” says Watson. “Instead of guessing, budtenders can turn to Clair to help offer a recommendation based on customers’ data and available inventory."

Clair displays real-time customer profiles and targeted product recommendations powered by machine learning. The platform shows all information in an easily accessible, single-scroll view sized for table and hand-held devices, supporting the stack used in front-of-house sales operations.  

Clair is the third product to be added to Happy Cabbage Analytics’ software suite. Now clients can track and optimize the customer journey across Marketing (Polaris), Business Operations (Sirius), and Sales Interactions (Clair).

"Clair is a step forward for us in terms of helping retailers deliver a more targeted and data-driven customer experience – using a platform that supports their process from end-to-end," says Watson. 

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