March 19, 2020
The Importance of the Regular Customer
Gianna Gard


How important are regulars to cannabis delivery services? 

Being a regular feels great - your bartender may slip you a beer here or there, your barista might spot you a free pastry, and your waiter sometimes comps a dessert. While it may seem like regulars just get free stuff, in reality they are the lifeblood of these businesses. 

In cannabis delivery, this reality is even more exaggerated. Let’s take a deeper dive into some statistics for cannabis delivery in the Bay Area:

  • Regulars make up less than 25% of the customer base but drive 67% of revenue
  • Average ticket size for regulars is 10% greater than non-regulars
  • Customer lifetime value of regulars is 3x that of non-regulars
  • Regulars are 20% more likely to have placed an order in the past 60 days

With the understanding of how important this unique customer segment is to cannabis delivery services comes the need to adopt strategies for nurturing and engaging these folks. Here are a few pieces of information you should know about your regulars:

  • How frequently do regulars place an order? 
  • What product-types or brands do your regulars prefer?
  • Where are your regulars located?  
  • Who are your regulars that have been lost?

Being able to answer these questions will enable you to build a strong relationship with these customers. If you have some regulars who only order concentrates or edibles, don’t waste their time with promotions on flower or prerolls. When a regular disappears, offer them a promotion to earn back their business. 

Regulars already know your business and have liked your service enough to come back. You don’t need to buy a Weedmaps pin or a billboard to let them hear about you - they already know you! Keep them coming back by understanding their behavior and offering relevant products and promotions at the right time. 

Want to learn how you can answer the questions above to help keep your regular customers coming back? Reach out to to see how we can help!


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