What is Machine-Learning Marketing?

Machine-learning is a type of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to predict more accurate marketing outcomes such as return on investment (ROI), customer engagement, and buyer behaviors.


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Audience Prediction

Machine-learning algorithms identify customer segments using purchase behavior to predict which buyers are most likely to make an order soon.

Continuous Learning

Advanced attribution models determine precise customer conversions and recapture rates. Our platform Polaris learns automatically to help bolster your efforts.

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Behavioral Profiling

Machine-learning uses historical data to define more accurate and personalized customer profiles.


Less Analysis, More Action

Let the machine do the heavy lifting in finding the best campaign audiences and start acting on the data you collect.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver compelling customer experiences personalized to product and brand preferences.

Smart Decision-Making

Streamlined analysis of marketing data enables quick and informed decision-making on future communications.

What Retailers Are Saying...

"... a great way to train our customers to go to our website instead of Weedmaps.”
"...completely changed how we handle our marketing and daily operations."