Drive The Big-Spenders Back to Your Dispensary

One simple text on Polaris will change your bottom line.

The power of SMS marketing proves itself again and again. It's time to take it to the next level and inspire customers to keep buying from you.

Our retail clients see significant return on their text messages thanks to cutting-edge data science behind Polaris: the platform that helps dispensaries keep customers interested and spend more on their favorite products.

Give your store the edge. Your customers can't wait.

Find High-ROI Customers

Identify and market to your most profitable customers.

Target Custom Segments

Align outreach to customer preferences.

Measure Marketing Impact

Understand how much your text marketing creates sales.

What Dispensaries Are Saying...

"... a great way to train our customers to go to our website instead of Weedmaps.”
"...completely changed how we handle our marketing and daily operations."
"The best software purchase we ever made."

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Dispensaries that use Polaris report game-changing returns and marketing tactics that keep them ahead of the competition. Now's your time to join them.

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Improve Order Rates

Nurture existing customers or convert first timers into making more purchases. Polaris algorithms show you which customers you're most likely able to get back into the store.

Regain Lost Customers

Identify high-value customers that haven't purchased in 30 days or more and run a targeted promotion that inspires them to purchase.

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Send The Right Message

Understand your customers' preferences in greater detail with Polaris. Our platforms ensure your marketing is always aligned with the products every customer wants to order.

It's Time To Grow Your Bottom Line

Polaris helps dispensaries turn SMS into a key revenue-driving channel.

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