Dispensary Text Marketing

Text message marketing allows dispensaries to send existing customers communications about products and promotions, assuring assisting with buyer conversions, engagement, and customer retention.


Customer Segmentation

Create specific groups of customers based on product preferences and order habits. Our platform uses machine-learning to determine which customers your dispensary should send text communications.

Campaign Analytics

Understand how customers engage with your text communications and which ones convert into purchases. Polaris shows return-on-investment metrics following every text marketing campaign.

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Polaris automatically identifies customers that opt out of text marketing communications. The platform is designed to empower dispensaries with best CAN-SPAM 2003 act compliant practices.


Find High-ROI Customers

Recapture lost customers with marketing that's targeted to what made them convert in the first place.

Target Custom Segments

Influence consumer behavior and order frequency with a refined understanding of what makes people buy.

Measure Marketing Impact

Clearly attribute marketing return on investment to text campaigns to make more informed decisions.

What Dispensaries Are Saying...

"... a great way to train our customers to go to our website instead of Weedmaps.”
"...completely changed how we handle our marketing and daily operations."