Convert more customers than any dispensary marketing agency

Save your budget from agencies that can't convert cannabis customers. Harness the power of machine-learning marketing with Polaris, pay 5x less for acquisition and retention.


in average ROI per singe text message


in generated 7-day attributed revenue


in text campaign conversion rate


increase in avg. customer recapture

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"...completely changed how we handle our marketing and daily operations."

Amanda Denz
Founder & CMO

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Traditional Agency

Always extra expensive

Hiring a cannabis agency always comes with hidden costs. Onboarding and setup fees, maintenance costs. Not to mention the monthly fee.

Poor customer targeting

Most agencies build audiences manually or just mass blast content out. This doesn't convert customers and makes your store brand look bad.

Unclear marketing ROI

Tired of the classic agency vanity metric reports and no talk of revenue whatsoever? Who knows, they might not even have sales attribution at all.

Lack of tech access

Paying for marketing tech you can't even access? Cannabis agencies love white-labeling their systems and ad setups, and won't hand them over to you ever.

Happy Cabbage

Low monthly cost

We charge a flat fee for our Polaris tool every month. When you sign up, you know how much you'll spend on texts, the service, and everything else.


Our algorithms automatically recommend small, targeted audiences that are most likely to convert. Select a suggestion, write the text, and send.

Precise ROI reporting

Polaris campaigns show attributed ROI based on which customers opened and clicked a text message. You'll see sales attribution up 1 week.

Your money, your tools

When you choose to invest in Polaris, you get full access to the platform, plus additional support from our customer success and tech teams.

Keep your marketing revenue-focused

Cut out 90% of wasted budget on agency fees and bad service. Our tools do the work for you!

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What can Happy Cabbage do for me?

CXO & Founder

Discover revenue-driving audiences and stop guessing how to influence buyer behavior.

  • Automate audience targeting with machine-learning, write the text message, and send.
  • Analyze customer purchase patterns
  • Gain clear understanding of sales and ROI from marketing every week, month, and year

Marketing Manager

Automatically target high-ROI audiences with text marketing that converts.

  • Increase open and click-through rates
  • Proven 10x increase in your conversion rates
  • Consistently exceed marketing & revenue KPIs

A supercharged marketing tool

Key opportunities

Machine-learning recommends audiences based on product, brand preferences, demographics and predicted revenue value.

Advanced targeting

Manual audience segmentation. Select customers you want to target and then send a text campaign.

Campaign automation

Schedule and send targeted text marketing campaigns in just a few clicks.

ROI & sales attribution

Dashboard with attributed sales and conversions tells you how much campaigns contribute to revenue.

Customer insights

Analytics on purchase behavior let you identify high-value audiences and determine corresponding promotions.

Intelligent design

Machine-learning, precise reports, ungated messages, and more cutting-edge features.