Urban Flavours Supercharges Marketing Outreach with Polaris

Following a switch in POS system and a series of marketing hurdles, the retailer decided to make much-needed some changes.
Urban Flavours
Northern California
Urban Flavours Delivery is a Medical Cannabis Delivery Service servicing customers who cannot visit a dispensary. We are dedicated to providing healing medical marijuana to homebound patients or cannabis customers that have difficulty getting around.

The Problem

Urban Flavours transitioned from one POS system to another. Additionally, Urban Flavours faced many marketing challenges, including:

• Finding Marketing Platforms that will allow Cannabis Advertisement

• Reaching new customers that are outside of Weedmaps Ecosystem

• SMS filtration is starting to become an issue

• Security/Safety issuesSpeed of communication

The Approach

By integrating with opt-in forms on their website, Urban Flavours put Weedmaps pins out to identify VIP customers to send special deals and menus that were only available through SMS. They conducted a large market area expansion, optimizing overall investment in customer acquisition.

The retailer also made subscription services spend more efficient by broadening reach once VIP customers were identified, and targeted specific geographic locations beyond their initial local delivery market. Lastly, they maintained consistent communications each week with customers targeted for ticket size, last purchase, last contact, etc. with imagery instead of plain text SMS messages,

“Through Polaris we are able to use our own customer base to remarket, target market, and stay engaged with our customers.  The image feature has eliminated the SMS Filtration problem. Repeated reminders of what we have in stock and on sale to our customers is a great way to train our customers to go to our website instead of Weedmaps which increases our customer retention.”
Urban Flavours

The Results

With the first six months of Happy Cabbage’s integration implemented, the results began to roll in:

$238,336 Generated in 7 Days

Urban Flavours used Polaris SMS campaigns to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one week.

$16,241 in 24-Hour ROI

The day following a Polaris campaign, Urban Flavours saw $16,241 in marketing-attributed revenue.

55 Recaptured Customers  in 1 Month

Urban Flavours regained customers that had previously lost interest via Polaris.