Sava Strengthens Targeted Marketing Efforts using Polaris

The women-owned retailer in the Bay Area discovered how data-driven SMS campaigns keep customers engaged and maintain their bottom line.
Amanda Denz
Sava Co-Founder
Andrea Brooks
Sava Co-Founder
Bay Area
Originally founded in 2017 to empower consumers with medical challenges, Sava is the only women-, Latinx-, and LGBTQ-, locally-founded and owned delivery service in the Bay Area, committed to having half the brands they carry be women-owned, and 20% be BIPOC-owned. Delivering only personally-vetted products to a large network of customers in the SF Bay Area, Sava provides products for everything wellness, athletic recovery, and recreational use.

The Challenge of Customer Outreach

One of Sava’s challenges was the ability to reach their at-home, delivery-reliant customers with customized messaging.

Without direct links to their online menus, potential customers had to already have a developed awareness of the Sava brand, and had to make a deliberate, informed journey to their website for orders.

Sava also dealt with marketing challenges that a lot of cannabis companies face, like sending text messages to their customer base without the fear of carrier filtering or getting flagged for communications.

"Happy Cabbage has completely changed how we handle our marketing and daily operations. We saw results immediately with the campaign feature, and continue to adapt our strategy to the new opportunities the tool presents us. "

The Approach: Using Data to Target

• Identify top spenders who spend on average $50 or more per ticket, and then incentivizing with promotional offers.

• Leverage advanced targeting and key opportunities to identify customers who haven’t purchased in 3 weeks or more.

• Prioritize customer retention and personalized buyer experience, being mindful of avoiding repeat campaigns or over-communicating with specific customer segments.

The Results

With the first six months of Happy Cabbage’s integration implemented, the results began to roll in:

993% Increase in 24-Hour ROI

Sava saw more customers coming into the store within one day of a Polaris marketing campaign.

21% Increase in Avg. Customer Recapture

Sava was able to win back more customers that had previously lost interest in their service.

14% Increase in Avg. Conversion Rate

Sava was able to convert more customers via marketing communications using Polaris than before.