Medithrive Supercharges Marketing & Customer Engagement with Polaris

One of the oldest San Francisco dispensaries is using data-driven text marketing to get ahead.
San Francisco
Medithrive is one of San Francisco’s oldest dispensaries.. Originally opening in 1996 as a medicinal-only retailer, the dispensary relaunched in 2009 along with their current rebrand. Medithrive is committed to serving the San Francisco community they've operated within for nearly the past two decades, namely the Mission District

The Problem: Improving Customer Experience

In January 2019, Medithrive knew they needed to create a more meaningful, integrated customer experience to stand out in a growing market.

The Approach: A New Tech Stack

Medithrive invested in an improved technology stack to power this initiative.

• Upgraded Point-of-Sales System that enabled a streamlined, in-store experience
• Implemented Happy Cabbage Analytics to power data-driven marketing campaigns

The Results

Here's how Polaris helped Medithrive beyond just the text.

237 Lost Customers Recaptured

Polaris helped Medithrive recapture customers that would've otherwise moved on to new retailers, resulting in $32k for the retailer.

14% Revenue Growth

Using data-driven marketing practices with Polaris led Medithrive to increasing their topline revenue.

134% Increase in Delivery Orders

Medithrive also used Polaris to improve their delivery experience via text marketing.