Dreamy Overcomes Carrier Filtering & Gains Marketing ROI with Polaris

The delivery service beat the classic marketing challenges most retailers in this industry face.
Dreamy Delivery
Client Type
Dreamy Delivery brings you a highly curated menu of cannabis products vetted by industry professionals. They are based in Northern California.

The Problem

Dreamy Delivery dealt with marketing challenges that a lot of cannabis companies face, like sending text messages to their customer base without the fear of carrier filtering or getting flagged for communications.

“With Polaris we have been able to send targeted messages that we believe our consumers appreciate, which in return gives us the confidence to continue to expand our marketing efforts to increase ROI.”
Dreamy Delivery

The Approach

• Identify top spenders who spend on average $50 or more per ticket, and then incentivizing with promotional offers.

• Leverage advanced targeting to identify customers who haven’t purchased in 3 weeks or more.

• Evaluate customers above a certain order size, being mindful of avoiding repeat campaigns or over communicating with customer segment.

The Results

Within the first six months of Happy Cabbage’s integration implemented, the results began to roll in:

100% Conversion Rates

Dreamy Delivery saw five consecutive campaign conversion rates at 100% with Polaris.

36% Increase in SMS Opt-In Rate

Due to Polaris targeted SMS campaigns, more consumers chose to opt-in to Dreamy's communications.

$11,577 Revenue Generate in 7 Days

Dreamy generated nearly $12,000 in revenue within the first 7 days of July using Polaris.