Canex Conquers Advertising Challenges with Polaris

While most retailers struggle to figure out advertising tactics, Canex used targeted SMS marketing to get ahead of the competition.
Bay Area
Canex has been providing quality cannabis products to the Bay Area since 2016. They’ve thrived in the market by providing simple, transparent services to their clientele.

The Problem

One of Canex’ biggest challenges was  the ability to advertise on popular advertising platforms like Google, using loopholes such as off-site landing pages. These are less effective, because it requires the potential customer to make extra clicks to get to our website. The less clicks the better conversion. This forced them  to rely on websites like Weedmaps, which can get expensive and saturated with competition.

“The Happy Cabbage platform has a vast number of metrics compared to the competitors that we’ve used in the past. This makes our text advertising more effective and cost efficient. The Happy Cabbage texting platform is clearly superior to other platforms, and is a vital asset to our growth."

The Approach

Leveraging key opportunities and advanced targeting, Canex was able to identify and convert recurring customers, and retain customers newly acquired by Weedmaps.

• Combine the Weedmaps strategy of geo-localized advertising through Polaris’ tooling to discover new customers and look into their advertising spend.

• Leverage geo-localization for customer retention by better understanding customer preferences in different areas.

• Maximizing the efficiency of customer acquisition spend by using the Polaris tool to retain Weedmaps’ acquired customers.

The Results

With the first six months of Happy Cabbage’s integration implemented, the results began to roll in:

59 Recaptured Customers in 1 SMS Campaign

Canex saw many customers order from them after just one text campaign on Polaris! 

$24,714 ROI Generated in 24 Hours

Canex generated nearly $25,000 in marketing ROI via Polaris - in just 24 hours! 

$476,375 Generated in July After 7 Days

In the first 7 days of July, Cannabis saw an increase in nearly $500,000 in marketing ROI from outreach using Polaris.