Delivery and Dispensary
“Put simply, Happy Cabbage is the best software purchase I ever made”.
San Francisco, Claifornia
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Delivery and Dispensary

The Dispensary

Basa has been providing quality cannabis products to the Bay Area since 2003. They’ve thrived in the market by providing simple, transparent services to their clientele. 

The Problem

In May 2019, Basa realized that they were capturing a lot of valuable data that they weren’t leveraging in a meaningful way. Realizing the potential to navigate their customer landscape, create a more tailored user experience, and make important business decisions, they sought after software solutions. 

The Approach

  1. To better understand their customers’ preferred modes of communication, they ran a survey for customers through email to see whether SMS was an effective mode of communication
  2. After 98% of customers responded that they preferred SMS messaging to other communication, Basa started building their SMS communication strategy 
  3. With SMS as their key channel, they focused on gaining back lost customers. With Polaris, they uber-customized their messaging based on product preference and order frequency, including special promotion links. 


Material, measurable ROI made it easier to understand what communication created higher engagement and conversion, and revealed key opportunities.  With the first six months of Happy Cabbage’s integration implemented, the results began to roll in: 

  • 470 customers recaptured, worth $37,000 
  • $865,956 made in 7 day sales 
  • $9/text generated on average 

A few months after starting with Happy Cabbage, Basa’s owner shared the following sentiment:
“Put simply, Happy Cabbage is the best software purchase I ever made”.

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